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Arnstein, Karl

Range: 1919 - 1957 Size: 25 cubic feet Record Group: 99/126

Consists of personal and professional notes, correspondences, photographs, and plan drawings. Includes both published articles and manuscripts by Dr. Arnstein and his associates, as well as scripts for speeches and presentations given by Dr. Arnstein.

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Arnold, Helen E.

Range: 1970 - 1975 Size: 0.1 cubic feet Record Group: 99/240

Correspondence, reports, and printed material concerning the activities of the Akron NAACP (of which she was president), the Ohio Black Political Assembly, and other black organizations, as well as her 1973 Akron City Council campaign.

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Area Progress Board

Range: 1936 - 1974 Size: 15 cubic feet Record Group: 99/107

Minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, reports and subject files of the board and its predecessors, the Citizens Postwar Planning Committee, the Area Development Committee, Citizens for Progress, and the Greater Akron Association.

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American Legion Post 209

Range: 1919 - 2005 Size: 25 Record Group: 99/162

American Legion Post 209 in Akron, Ohio records consists of meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, photographs, membership lists, articles of incorporation, and the constitution and bylaws of the post. Included in this collection are the WWI photographs and letters that were collected by Goodyear Tire and Rubber as part of the company’s recognition of its employees who served during WWI.  These were later donated to Post 209 since many of Goodyear’s veterans joined this American Legion Post.

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Akron Section

Range: 1930 - 2000 Size: 5.0 Record Group: 99/119

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Akron Section was Organized and chartered in May 1937, Akron was the 10th section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Charter members of the Akron Section were instrumental in the development of synthetic rubber and related process equipment. They became the technical leaders in the rubber industry through the 1970s.

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American Friends Service Committee Records

Range: 1970 - 2006 Size: 12.33 cubic feet Record Group: 99/157

Documents and literature produced or gathered during peace education work.  Also includes audiotapes of radio programming.

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American Civil Liberties Union

Range: 1950 - 1970 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection contains a variety of documentation about the ACLU, the Ohio Civil Liberties Union, and the Akron Area Civil Liberties Union. Materials include the Articles of OCLU organization, newsletters, correspondence, minutes, newspaper clippings, information about membership and miscellaneous materials.

American Association of University Women, Akron Branch

Range: 1931 - 1984 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

The AAUW is the oldest and largest national organization for women. This collection contains branch minutes, board minutes, correspondence, bulletins, and scrapbooks detailing the activities of the AAUW.

Alfin Rubber Materials of Dr. J. D. D'Ianni

Range: 1945 - 1947 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

This collection contains materials related to the development of Alfin rubber. J. D. D'Ianni, of the Research Division of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company along with Dr. Avery A Morton of M.I.T., worked on the development and usage of this synthetic rubber. Includes reports, graphs, tables, and correspondence.

Alert Hose Company No. 3

Range: 1883 - 1892 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

Minutes of the monthly group meetings of the Alert Hose Company located in Canton, Stark County, Ohio.

Albrecht, F. W., Grocery Company

Range: 1900 - 1999 Size: 50 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection pertains to the grocery stores of Frederick Wilhelm Albrecht. The original store, known as Acme No. 1, opened at Buchtel, Sumner, and Center Streets. This collection contains periodical publications, advertisements, photographs, news clippings, audiovisual material, and miscellaneous artifacts of the Acme, Click, and Y-Mart Stores.

Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad Company

Range: 1895 - 1943 Size: 8 cubic feet Record Group:

Articles of incorporation, minute books, stock records, and other records of AC&Y and more than a dozen associated companies, including the East Akron Land Company and the Northern Ohio Railway Company.

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Akron Women’s Chapter of the National Aeronautic Association Records

Range: 1928 - 1978 Size: 4.0 Record Group: 99/167

The Akron Women’s Chapter of the National Aeronautic Association was founded in 1924 to educate and excite the people of Akron, Ohio on aviation, including lighter-than-air flight.  The records document the activities, organization, and procedures of the group as well as the development of heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air flight in northeastern Ohio.

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Akron Topological Maps

Range: 1920 - 1969 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

"Topological maps of the City of Akron, detailing geological features, locations of streets and large buildings, and surface features. "  To view Akron Topological maps

Akron Symphony Orchestra, Greater Akron Musical Association

Range: 1953 - 1995 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group:

Includes news clippings, budget reports, meeting minutes, scrapbooks, and documentation of different community relations programs.

Akron Savings and Loan Company Records

Range: 1888 - 1924 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group: 99/105

"Contains financial statements, semi-annual reports, passbooks, constitution and by-laws, minutes of directors' meetings pertaining to the growth and development of the agency. "

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Akron Roundtable

Range: 1986 - 1991 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

Audiocassettes of Akron Roundtable speakers.

Akron Regional Development Board Records

Range: 1957 - 1982 Size: 6.66 Record Group: 99/92

The Akron Regional Development Board was formed in 1975 to promote business and industrial development in the tri-county area.  The organization provided consultation to law-making bodies and conducted studies on issues including the Akron Public School levies, city taxes, local business expansions, and state highways.  The records consist of subject files of programs and projects and photographs of local businesses.

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Akron Garden Club

Range: 1925 - 1984 Size: 15 cubic feet Record Group:

Constitution, by-laws, articles of incorporation, scrapbooks, reports, membership information, yearbooks, and a photograph album.

Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies

Range: 1945 - 2005 Size: 8 cubic feet Record Group:

ACESS, an organization consisting of technical and scientific societies, represents over 3,000 engineers, scientists and technicians in the greater Akron area. Included in this collection are board minutes; records of ACESS banquets and programs; and their publication, The Akron Technical Journal.

Akron City Water Department

Range: 1917 - 1937 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group: 99/97

3"x5" photographic prints recording the construction of the Water Department, including major additions of the water purification plant, extensive water main surveys, new water towers, stand pipes and pumping stations. Technical in content, but also containing views of the streets, neighborhoods and working conditions of early 20th century Akron.

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Akron Board of Education

Range: 1863 - 1989 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

32 reels of microfilm containing minutes of all regular and special meetings, correspondence, proposals for bids, newspaper clippings, and publications.

Akron Association of the Pattern Makers League of North America

Range: 1937 - 1977 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group: 99/80

Records of 15 local companies, including correspondence, notices, agreements, strike reports, election forms, materials relating to lockouts and strikes, amendments to agreements, applications for strike sanction, tally of ballots, grievances, employee listings, and wage surveys. Includes materials at the local level: The Akron Association; job shop agreements and notices to mediation, amendments to Akron Association laws, a booklet of by-laws, by-law approvals, correspondence, financial reports, monthly reports, and newspaper clippings. Additionally, international level materials include: booklets, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and newspaper clippings.

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Akron Area Council of Churches

Range: 1908 - 1975 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group:

Council activities, committee activities, financial records, community projects records, minutes of Akron Ministerial Association meetings (1909-1967), and a small amount of other church related materials, including: minutes of the Akron Sunday School Superintendents' Association, the Secretary's Book of the Summit County Evangelical Alliance, ministerial membership lists and copies of the Metro Memo (newsletter of the Metropolitan Interchurch Ministries)

Akron Area Chamber of Commerce

Range: 1907 - 1974 Size: 100 cubic feet Record Group:

Subscription book of founding members, minutes, reports, yearbooks and other publications, research files, and maps. Also included are records of Chamber affiliates in Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Northampton, and Stow.

Akron and Summit County Federation of Women's Clubs

Range: 1894 - 2010 Size: 7.0 Record Group: 99/93

The Akron and Summit County Federation of Women’s Clubs was organized in 1893 and united with the Ohio State Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1917.  The group raised money for charity, hosted guest speakers, awarded scholarships, worked on various community-related projects, and lobbied for political reform.  The records include notebooks, directories, scrapbooks, newsletters and subjects files.

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Collections in Archival Services are classified by the following ways:

  • University Archives contain historical resources that document the history and development of The University of Akron and its predecessor institutions.
  • Special Collections contains personal papers of local families/individuals and organizational records of local organizations/businesses.  Strengths of the collection are primary and secondary sources documenting the history of the rubber industry, lighter-than-air flight, and Ohio canals. Special collections also include local government records for a nine county region.
  • Book collections include rare books and books documenting the history of the university, the region, and special topics.  All cataloged books are included in the UA Libraries Catalog.