3470:461 Applied Statistics is an option for the Civil Engineering statistics requirement. If you intend to major in Applied Mathematics, you'll need this course. You should also take 3450:312 Linear Algebra as one of the technical  electives required by Civil Engineering.

Then complete each of the following:
3460:209 Computer Science I
3450:307 Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics
3450:421 Advanced Calculus I
3450:427 Applied Numerical Methods I
3450:428 Applied Numerical Methods II
3450:436 Mathematical Models
One 3 credit math elective
One of 3450:425 Complex Variables or 3450:422 Advanced Calculus II

Total: 22 Additional Credits

Minor: You should take 3470:461 Applied Statistics to satisfy both the engineering and mathematics requirements.   Then you need either 3450:312 Linear Algebra or 3450:438 Advanced Engineering Math I, and one additional approved elective from mathematics, statistics or computer science.