Dr. Irina A. Chernikova

Dr. Irina A. Chernikova

Title: Senior Lecturer
Dept/Program: Mathematics
Office: Polsky 133-K
Phone: 330-972-7702
Email: irina@uakron.edu


Dr. Chernikova earned her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 1985. She has been teaching the department’s wide variety of mathematics course—from College Algebra to Differential Equation and Statistics—for over 15 years, she serves as the department’s lead faculty for the Mathematics area, and twice has received the Outstanding Teacher Award in the Department of Associate Studies.

Her research interests and publications have focused on modeling and optimization of chemical technological processes, and on improving and redesigning mathematics curriculums in order to create seamless connections between engineering mathematics courses. In addition to more than 30 publications and presentations over the last ten years, she has received three teaching grants from the University of Akron to pursue various student-focused teaching research projects. She also has extensive experience working for a publishing company as an electronic composer of mathematics textbooks, and she currently serves as a Review Board Member for The Journal of Faculty Development.


M.S., Ph.D., Tambov Chemical Machine Design Institute, 1985.


  • Application of Graphing Calculator
  • Technical Mathematics II
  • College Algebra                       
  • Technical Mathematics III
  • Mathematics for Allied Health           
  • Technical Mathematics IV
  • Mathematics for Modern Technology
  • Technical Calculus I
  • Precalculus Mathematics
  • Technical Calculus II
  • Technical Mathematics I
  • Technical Data Analysis

Courses Previously Taught

  • Analytic Geometry-Calculus I
  • Introductory to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Analytic Geometry-Calculus II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Analytic Geometry-Calculus III
  • Mathematical Models of Chemical Processes
  • Applied Numerical Methods
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Complex variables
  • Introductory to Probability and Statistics