In the fall of 1998, we established a monthly "Mathematics afternoon for women." Women faculty members have lunch with women students, providing valuable role models and increased communication between faculty members and students. Each month one female graduate from our program is invited to join us for lunch and discuss careers in mathematical fields and the role mathematics plays in their specific jobs. Our guests have included

  • Stephanie Morman from Americhem,
  • Mary Westerman from Lockheed Martin
  • Jennifer Fisher from First Energy Corporation
  • Nancy Kulk Knudsen from Timken Company
  • Brenda Krager Reppa from Goodyear Tire and Rubber
  • Siobhan Vamosi who works in the insurance industry
  • Amy Masters Terry from William M. Mercer
  • Terrian Nowden from NASA Glenn
  • Vickie Van Dresar in mathematics education from Ashland University

We also invited a well-known woman mathematician to give a talk on her research interest. We invited mathematicians whose mathematical interests complement those in our department (both in theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics). Thus far, we have hosted

  • Dr. Irene Fonseca from Carnegie Mellon University,
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wilmer from Oberlin College
  • Dr. Marian Barry from the National Security Agency
  • Dr. Florence Fasanelli from National Research Institutes
  • Dr. Kathleen Hoffman from University of Maryland, Baltimore.

In addition, Dr. Sheryl Patrick Grace, an aeronautical engineer from Boston University, spent two days with us in April, 2000.  Sheryl is a graduate of our applied mathematics program who completed her graduate work at Notre Dame.  During her visit, we sponsored several activities in conjunction with the Women in Engineering program.

In October 17 2002, we had a Chinese-food luncheon.  Terrian Nowden spoke with us informally afterward. Terrian is a math graduate from UA. She discussed her career at NASA and the role mathematics plays in her job.

In February 6 2003 we had another Chinese-food luncheon, this time featuring speaker Dr. Vickie Van Dresar, who brought three of her students from Ashland University.  She obtained her MS in mathematics here at UA and has been teaching at Ashland University since 1996. Her research interests include teaching mathematics and teachers' beliefs about mathematics and the teaching of mathematics.  She discussed her career with us.

In March 1 2003, WIM organized the Fourth Annual Kids' Career Day, sponsored jointly with Women in Engineering and Women's Studies.  Various lively stations taught girls about aspects of math, science, engineering, and technology to open their eyes to related academic and career choices.

In March 20 2003, UA alumna Sara Hagey hosted an informative field trip to Philips Medical Systems in Cleveland.  We toured the Computed Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, and Magnetic Resonance Divisions.  Among other activities, we saw a live scan of a volunteer (not one of us), a demonstration of what can get pulled into the powerful magnets if you aren't careful, and a short presentation on mathematical modeling of radio frequencies in a subject's body.

In April 15 2003, WIM joined the Women in Engineering Program in attending a luncheon featuring a keynote address by one of NASA's top female astronauts, Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar.  Dr. Dunbar is a member of several engineering and technology societies, including the Society of Women Engineers.  In addition to numerous awards and honors, she was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame in 2000.  In 2002, Dr. Dunbar became the 67th out of 71 total females inducted into the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), joining NAE's 2,229 other living members.