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DR. MALENA ESPANOL is a 2013-2014 Project NExT Fellow.

She received two grants: Conquer Chiari Research Grant, 2013-2014 and The University of Akron 2013 Summer Fellowship Research Grant.

DR. ESPANOL is currently a member of the Society of Industrial and Applied MAthematics (SIAM) Diversity Advisory Committee (2013-2016).

Each September MRS. SUSAN YOUNG is an invited lecturer for the IDEAs (Increasing Diversity in Engineering Academics) minority engineering program.

She was featured as one of the professors in The Princeton Review Book, "The Best 300 Professors" (2012) and was twice listed in the top 25 teachers on (2011 and 2013).

The Buchtelite named MRS. YOUNG as the number 2 favorite teacher at The University of Akron (2007).

In 2004 she was awarded the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society All Campus Favorite Faculty Award.

DR. ETHEL WHELAND received the NSF CCLI grant, “Collaborative Research: Transformative Model of STEM Education for First-Year Students at an Urban-Commuter Campus,” Co-PI, 2009 – 2013.

She is also the organizer of the annual Department of Mathematics Poster Session (2001-present).



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Accomplishments before 2003