Areas of Research & Scholarship

Dr. Elaine FisherThe Office of Nursing Research & Scholarship (ONRS)has the primary responsibility for providing support services to facilitate the research and scholarly productivity of faculty, teaching contract professionals, and students.  Support services are aimed at developing programs of research and scholarship, securing funding for these programs, and building and fostering internal and external partnerships for collaborative work. 

The Office concentrates its efforts on enhancing resources to support activity in the college's four main areas of scholarship:

  1. Oral Health in Vulnerable Populations
  2. Prevention and Treatment of Trauma and Violence Across the Lifespan
  3. Promotion of Health and Prevention of Chronic Illness in Vulnerable Populations
  4. Maximizing Student Success and Teaching Excellence

Research and Clinical Scholarship is promoted by internal grants for which faculty within the College of Nursing may apply.  Two of interest to faculty have been the annual awards for research, for which up to $3000 per grant may be awarded, based on merit and review by a group of research peers.  Clinical scholarship is promoted by a grant of $1000 annually for an approved proposal. Faculty may contact the ONRS for further information.

The ONRS offers the following services:

  • Guidance in developing research proposals to be submitted for internal and external funding.
  • Consultation with faculty, teaching contract professionals, and students in the implementation of research programs.
  • Resources for developing proposals, writing grants, identifying internal and external funding sources, implementing research, and disseminating scholarly work.
  • Facilitatation of research and scholarship by identifying and/or offering relevant faculty development programs.
  • Assistance with the preparation of manuscripts for publication and the development of papers and posters for presentation.
  • Facilitation and brokerage of interdisciplinary and inter-organizational research partnerships.

The Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship is maintained by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Nursing Research, an administrative assistant, and access to a budget officer, statistical consultation, graduate assistants, and services from the University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.