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Howard 'Dewey' Ducharme and Joseph Li Vecchi are both presenting papers at the 7th World Conference on Metaphysics late in October.  Ducharme is presenting two papers, one entitled "Moral Facts and Persons: Knowledge with Understanding," the other "Is Science Value Free? Four Affirmative Arguments Critically Evaluated."  Li Vecchi's paper is titled "Intentionality and Objective Knowledge of Reality." 
The conference is being held at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Dimitria Gatzia, the Philosophy Department's new chair, has published numerous articles in her area of interest--perception.  A few of her more recent publications include "The Real Epistemic Significance of Perceptual Learning," co-authored w/Berit Brogaard, in Inquiry, 2017, and "Enhancing Student Understanding of Color Perception: A Teaching Activity on Intersubjective Color Variations," co-authored w/Richard Einsporn and Rex Ramsier, a featured article in The American Biology Teacher, 79(4), April 2017.

Chris Buford, Professor of Instruction, recently published "Advance Directives and Knowledge of Future Selves," Palgrave Communications, 3:17077, doi: 10.1057/palcomms.2017.77, about concerns raised with respect to advance directives (e.g., living wills, DNR orders).

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