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The University of Akron psychology school building.

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Department of Psychology 
College of Arts and Sciences Building
Third Floor 
Akron, Ohio 44325-4301 

Phone: 330-972-7280 
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The exciting world of UA Psychology

Dr. Paul Levy Chair of the Psychology Department at The University of Akron.

Paul Levy, Ph.D., Chair, Psychology Department

I’m so glad you found us! We are the Psychology Department at The University of Akron and our psychology school is a busy, active, and thriving place. There is a great deal of information for you on this website whether you are a prospective undergraduate psychology major or minor, prospective graduate student, current UA student, or a visitor trying to learn more about psychology and psychology at UA. Please look around and email me directly if you have any questions,

Around 600 Undergraduate Psychology Majors

We currently have about 600 undergraduate psychology majors and typically 30 or more of them are in the UA Honors College, which offers them special seminars, research experiences, and other terrific academic opportunities throughout their university stay.

Our own Psychology Honors Program provides a capstone research experience every year for a new, select group of psychology majors in their junior or senior year. Students work one-on-one with a faculty member and graduate students on an independent research project, while also taking courses in advanced research design and statistics.

Graduate Psychology Programs

Dr. Johnson, a UA psychology school professor, leads a discussion.We have three graduate programs in Psychology. Each has its own particular emphasis, but all three intersect in: joint research efforts, cross-disciplinary curriculum experiences, a unified foundational curriculum in psychology, and to create a shared psychology community.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology program, offers doctoral and terminal masters degrees, and is one of the older and more established programs in the country. The I/O doctoral program has been rated in the top ten by most available ranking systems including those based purely on research productivity.

Counseling Psychology doctoral program has one of the best research track records in the country and consistently has among the best pass rates on the national licensure exam (EPPP).

Adult Development and Aging doctoral program (in collaboration with Cleveland State University) is newer and focused on the social and cognitive processes involved in aging. We expect that the ADA program will grow and thrive as the need to better understand and care for older adults increases in importance as our population ages.

Across these three psychology programs we have about 80 graduate students coming from all over the United States and internationally.

The University of Akron Counseling Psychology Program ranks #2 on the EPPP passage rate in the United States. Read all the details here!

UA's Psychology School Faculty & Staff

Our faculty is a strong and committed group of teachers/scholars who are passionate about their research, UA students, and the educational process. All UA psychology faculty publish and present papers regularly and are involved in various professional organizations (e.g., APA, SIOP, GSA, APS). Most review regularly for scholarly journals and many serve on editorial boards and as editors and associate editors of journals. High quality teaching in UA's psychology school occurs both in the classroom and one-on-one in our research labs.

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