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General Advising Tips

  • For all incoming students:  Plan on taking [3470:471 Intro to Act Sci] in Spring of your Freshman year.  You only need Calculus I to take 471, and don't have to have [461 Applied Stats] done.
  • [3470:472 Actuarial Models] is offered in Spring of odd years. So next offering is in Spring 2023.  You need good understanding on materials from [451 Theoretical Stats I] for this course, and it is OK to take it right before your graduation.  If anybody is graduating in a year that 472 is not offered, please contact me.
  • [3470: 477 Time Series] is offered in Spring of even years. (next offering is in Spring 2022).   
  • Any questions, email nmimoto@uakron.edu 


Dr. Nao Mimoto - Actuarial Science Program Coordinator - CAS413 nmimoto@uakron.edu

Dr. Richard Einsporn - Undergraduate Advisor for Stats Majors - CAS415 reinsporn@uakron.edu

Ms. Sophie Kus - Ars & Science Advisor - CAS118 (330.972.7880) kuspate@uakron.edu