Education: School Counseling. M.A.

Master of Arts/Master of Science in School Counseling

About the Degree

The School of Counseling at the University of Akron offers a Master's Degree in School Counseling. This course of study is based upon Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Professions (CACREP) and the Ohio Department of Education's standards. It is designed to prepare students to become effective leaders in the process of transforming school counseling under the ASCA's National Model for School Counseling Programs.

Students are trained using the American Counseling Association’s national model’s framework. They are assisting children in grades K-12 with career development, personal/social development and academic development. Students are also trained from a cross cultural perspective. They are learning to work with diverse groups of children.

Salary and Career Outlook

The average salary for school counselors is $53,610 per year (2010 data).

Why Akron?

The distinctive advantage offered by a school counseling degree from The University of Akron is the training students receive. Students are trained by both current and former school counselors. They are receiving first hand real world information about the role of a school counselor.

This degree is unique in that students are being trained to develop children in the areas of career, personal/social and academic development. School counselors are in a unique position because they are in essence child development specialist. They are also trained from a cross cultural perspective. Being trained from cross cultural perspective is important because in many states children of color are the majority. There is a rise in children being born to interracial unions and Hispanic children. The cross cultural perspective ensures that school counselors offer culturally sensitive services to populations that they service.

Several recent graduates are employed by schools such as:

  • Akron Public Schools
  • Youngstown Public Schools
  • Dayton Public Schools

Contact Information

Contact Information:

Dr. Delila Owens, Program Coordinator

(330) 972-8635