Engineering: Electrical Engineering, MS

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

About the Degree

The master’s program in electrical engineering provides rigorous training in three broad areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Electronics and Controls, Computers and Communications, and Electromagnetics and Electronics.

Students pursuing the M.S.E.E. program at UA can specialize in areas such as Power Electronics, Motor Drives, Controls, Communications, Signal Processing, Electromagnetics, VLSI, Electronics, Digital Systems, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Advanced Manufacturing and Software systems. Students must complete 30 credit hours of study for the Thesis Option and 33 credit hours of study for the Non-Thesis Option. Further details of the program are provided in the Graduate Bulletin.

Salary and Career Outlook

Students with advanced, graduate level training in the above areas are in high demand regionally and across the nation. Electrical and Computer Engineering principles and techniques are a foundation for a broad spectrum of engineered systems.

Salaries vary according to geographical location. In the North-east Ohio area, starting salaries for well trained Master’s students are in the range of $70,000 to $85,000 per year.

Why Akron?

When compared with regional public universities and similarly ranked universities across the nation, our students receive more thorough and rigorous training. Our students have the opportunity to work with faculty engaged in research in areas of national importance such as Signal Processing, Energy Systems, Advanced Manufacturing, Sensors and Software Systems.

Members of our faculty have a good balance of academic and industry-based experience. This balance ensures that our graduates are well-poised to pursue industry-based careers and graduate studies. 100% of the graduates in our programs are placed in careers that are directly related to their areas of focus upon graduation.

Recent graduates of the program are in jobs such as:

System Analyst, Elite IT Solutions; Component Engineer, Coca-Cola Company; Firmware Engineer, Laird Controls North America; Senior Power Electronics Engineer, Solar City; Electrical Systems Design Engineer, Nexteer Automotive; Principal Engineer, Diebold; Electrical Engineer, Chrysler; Test Engineer, Rockwell Automation; Electrical Engineer, Graco; Firmware Engineer, Lexmark; Integration Engineer, The Advisory Board Company; Application/Systems Engineer, Arrow Electronics; Lead Firmware Engineer, Schweitzer Engineering Lab;

Contact Information

Contact Information:

Dr. Robert Veillette

Associate Professor and Interim Chair

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering