Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Psychology: Industrial/Organizational

About the Degree

The I/O psychology graduate program at The University of Akron is one of the most respected programs in the nation and has been consistently ranked as a top 10 graduate program for decades.  The I/O coursework and organizational opportunities reflect our commitment to a scientist/practitioner model. Thanks to this blend of research and applied experiences we are currently the ONLY I/O graduate program to rank in the top 5 for producing the most academics, the most external consultants and the most organization-based professionals. Our 6 full-time faculty work extensively with students across a wide range of I/O topics and actively engage in interdisciplinary research with other faculty and organizational field partners. Many of our students gain valuable work experience by participating in our internship program and all of our students have ample opportunities to engage in high quality research and co-author publications.

Students are trained to apply basic psychological research and theory to the world of work. Social and cognitive psychology are the underpinnings of our more specialized courses in applicant selection, performance appraisal, training, leadership, motivation and group behavior. Students also focus on research methods for social sciences and engage in extensive hands-on training with statistical tools which are critical for both research and industry.

Salary and Career Outlook

I/O psychology is THE fastest growing occupation3. The job market for I/O professionals is projected to grow by 53% through 2022 and candidates with Doctoral degrees are expected to have the best job opportunities and be most competitive for these new jobs. Extensive training in quantitative research methods are expected to offer graduates the most competitive edge.

Salaries for I/O professionals with a doctoral degree:

Applied (private and public)

Entry-level, 78K

Senior-level, 113K

Manager/Director, 140K

Academic Psychology Dept. Business or Management Dept.
Asst. Prof. 70K 104K
Assoc. Prof. 79K 123K
Full Prof. 105K 128K

Why Akron?

  • Students have both a tuition waiver and stipend for up to 5 years of their graduate training
  • Students co-author conference presentations and journal articles oftentimes with multiple faculty members
  • Faculty members are very productive as evidenced by our National productivity ranking of #71
  • Students’ teaching experiences makes them highly competitive for academic jobs
  • Students have extensive training in quantitative statistical methods and hands-on experience with applications that are most relevant to the field of I/O
  • Students have paid internships with local organizations and consulting firms
  • Students have access to an extensive and active alumni network of I/O professionals
  • Students gain experience as external consultants with the Center for Organizational Research
  • Students have high placement rates both locally and nationally
  • The Akron area offers a great value in standard of living

Reputation of our graduates:

  • We train both academics and applied practitioners giving students the flexibility to track in either direction
  • We have produced more I/O Psychologists in the past 4 decades than any other program – our graduates have the largest representation in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology2
  • Almost all large consulting firms and many multinational corporations currently have at least one of our graduates as employees
  • Most of the I/O graduate programs boast a UAkron alum as a faculty member
  • Our ability to fund students with teaching assistantships and applied internships across all 5 years results in a very low rate of ‘ABD’ students
  • Students gain a great deal of actual teaching experience which makes them very competitive for academic positions and better able to adjust to faculty demands quicker

Reputation of our faculty:

  • The research training that students receive is broad, diverse, and cutting edge
  • In 2014-2015 I/O faculty generated 30 publications most of which include current students as co-authors
  • Many I/O faculty serve as editors and associate editors of top tier journals in the I/O field
  • Through the Center for Organizational Research, faculty garner contracts and grants which provide valuable funding and job experience for our students and strengthens our relationships with organizations that employ I/O professionals

Recent graduates of the program are in jobs such as:

  • Shaker Consulting Group, Senior Associate
  • University of Tennessee Southwestern Medical Center, Associate Director of Education
  • University of Arizona, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

Contact Information

Contact Information:

Dr. Andrea F. Snell

Chair, I/O Graduate Program