The Center for Conflict Management: Global Conflict Certificate

Global Conflict Certificate

About the Certificate

The mission of the Center for Conflict Management is to provide an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary, and practically grounded analysis of the nature of conflict and violence that will support a wider diffusion of conflict management skills throughout society, in the hope that this will enable a sober analysis of conflicts at all levels and more cooperative approaches to the conflicts that plague our relationships in families, communities, and among nations.

About the application for the Certificate in Global Conflict:

  • You must be a graduate or post-baccalaureate student.
  • Complete a formal application for the program, to get the application email Bill Lyons, the CCM director
  • No supplemental materials are required.
  • Applications to the Global Conflict Certificate program are accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information

Dr. William Lyons
Director of Center for Conflict Management