About Us

Renowned and caring faculty and staff

At The University of Akron’s Myers School of Art, students study side-by-side with talented and caring faculty members who are committed to helping turn aspirations into accomplishments.

We have 19 full-time faculty members with about the same number of part-time faculty members. We also have seven full-time staff professionals, including a dedicated adviser to assist our students.

  • Doing and teaching — Our faculty members are professional practicing artists/designers/historians, in addition to serving students as educators. We are engaged in the world of art and design nationally and internationally, and share our expertise with students at the highest and most current levels.

Fine facilities

Folk Hall, home of the Myers School of Art, was once a Cadillac auto dealership, complete with spacious showrooms and service bays. Now completely remodeled, it is among the largest academic art facilities in the region.

  • Folk Hall houses the Emily Davis Gallery, the Student Projects Gallery, an auditorium, administrative and faculty offices, two classrooms, 28 studios, the Visual Resource Center, the Graphic Services Center, and the William Hogarth Seminar Room.

Stellar visiting artists, residencies, lecture series

Frequent residencies and lectures bring stellar guest artists into Folk Hall to share their creativity, talents and expertise with students and faculty.

More opportunities beyond the classroom

A worthwhile college experience is much more than classrooms, books and exams. Our students are encouraged to experience new, vibrant and worthwhile artistic opportunities.