Christin Seher, Ph.D., RDN, LD

Christin Seher, Ph.D., RDN, LD

Title: Director, The EX[L] Center, Associate Professor of Practice
Dept/Program: EX[L] Center for Community Engaged Learning, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences; Joint Affiliation, Sociology
Office: Bierce Library 168B
Phone: 330-972-6322


Christin Seher’s teaching and research interests include community nutrition practice and policy; cultural competence and diversity education of healthcare professionals; the dietetics curriculum and professionalization practices; educational policy; and the scholarship of teaching and learning.  She has presented her research in Canada and England, in addition to the United States, and has authored or co-authored over a dozen publications during her career.  A strong believer in experiential education through service-learning, civic engagement, and professional activism, she strives to create a learning environment where dietetics students are prompted to reflect upon their personal and professional responsibility in a diverse and interdisciplinary world.  

Professional Interests:

  • Cultural competence
  • Dietetics education, curriculum and professionalization practices
  • Critical research and pedagogy
  • Service-learning
  • Faculty roles and responsibilities; academic motherhood

Recent Professional Activities:

  • ACEND Program Reviewer (3 year term, 2016 – 2019)
  • Summit County WIC Community Advisory Board Member (2014 – present)
  • ASCA Head Start Community Advisory Board Member (2014 – present)
  • Today’s Dietitian writer (2010 - present ) & advisory board member (2013 - present)
  • FNCE Abstract Reviewer (2010 – present) 


PhD, Higher Education Administration, Kent State University

Certificate in College Teaching, Kent State University

MS, Nutritional Sciences, The University of Akron

BS, Biology, Marietta College

BA, Psychology, Marietta College


Seher, C. L. & Iverson, S. V.  (2016). Service-learning in U.S. dietetics education: In service of whom?  In A. S. Tinkler, B. E. Tinkler, V. M. Jagla & J. R. Strait (Eds.), Service-Learning to Advance Social Justice in a Time of Radical Inequality (A volume in the series Advances in Service-Learning Research) pp. 121-136.  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 

Iverson, S. V. & Seher, C. L. (2015). A qualitative study of academic mothers’ sabbatical experiences: Considering disciplinary differences. In A. M. Young (Ed).  Teacher, Scholar, Mother: (Re)Envisioning Motherhood in the Academy, pp. 61-78.  New York, NY: Lexington Books.

Seher, C. L.  (2015). Talking back (to myself).  In T. M. Cassidy & F. I. Pasche-Guingard (Eds.)  What’s cooking, Mom?  Narratives about food and family, pp. 11-21. Bradford, Ontario: Demeter Press. 

Seher, C. L. (2014).  Feminist student philanthropy: Possibilities and poignancies of a service-learning and student philanthropy initiative. In S.V. Iverson, & J.H. James (Eds.), Feminist community engagement: Achieving praxis, pp. 115-133. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillion.

Anderson, D. & Seher, C.L. (2012). Protein, resistance training and women.  In L. Lowery & J. Antonio (Eds.) Dietary Protein & Resistance Exercise, pp. 135-151.  Boca Raton, FL: Taylor and Francis. 

Chima C.S., Dietz-Seher C.L. & Kushner-Benson S.  (2008). Nutrition risk screening in acute care: a survey of practice.  Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 23, 417-423.

Selected Presentations:

Seher, C. L.  (2015, August).  Developing the ‘imagination-intellect.’  Paper presented at the 5th International Critical Dietetics Conference, Manchester, England. 

Seher, C.L. & Warren, J.  (2014, October).  Pedagogical strategies for increasing cultural competence among dietetics students.  Presentation at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Atlanta, GA. 

Seher, C. L., Beyerle, T., et al.  (2014, September).  Using service-learning & student philanthropy to alleviate hunger: Voices from the field.  Panel presentation at the 1st Annual Hunger Dialogues at Walsh University, Canton, Ohio. 

Seher, C. L. & Iverson, S. V. (2014, August).  Using service-learning to facilitate diversity, equity, and social justice in dietetics.  Preconference workshop presented at the 4th International Critical Dietetics Conference, Chicago, IL, USA.

Seher, C. L. (2014, August).  Critical pedagogies for facilitating self-awareness and sparking social passion in the dietetics profession.  Paper presented at the 4th International Critical Dietetics Conference, Chicago, IL, USA. 

Asada, Y., Gingras, J., Seher, C. & Sochacki, P.  (2014, August). “Talking back” on issues of diversity, leadership, and identity in dietetics: The Long Table.  Presented at the 4th International Critical Dietetics Conference, Chicago, IL, USA. 

Seher, C.L. (2013, August).  The use of service-learning in U.S. dietetics education: In service of whom?  Paper presented at the 3rd International Critical Dietetics Conference, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  


Community Nutrition I and II

Nutrition Communication & Education Skills

Community Nutrition & Health and Wellness Supervised Practice Experience

Honors Program Advisor for the School of Nutrition & Dietetics