About our Department

Our faculty is diverse and talented. They conduct research, publish in high-quality academic journals, and consult businesses and government agencies. In addition, they bring their scholarship and experiences into the classroom. They want each individual student to succeed. Our faculty have what it takes to challenge students and support their efforts.

Our undergraduate program emphasizes the development of theoretical and data analysis that can in the investigation of economic problems in a wide variety of settings. Many of our students present their research to external audiences and some have won awards for their work in paper competitions, both regionally and beyond.

The accomplishments of our alumni are many and some have gone on to a play an important role in the formulation of the public policy of our nation.

Notable among these are

  • Dr. Paul E. Martin, community leader, philanthropist and scholar,
  • Sandy Pianalto, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and voting member of the Federal Open Market Committee, and
  • Mike Morell, former director of Intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency.

As you browse our website, I hope that you will find it helpful in answering any questions you have about us and that by the end of your visit you will know more about who we are and our aspirations for the future.

Sucharita Ghosh