Economics Department

UA Economics students meet with economist Janet Yellen (second from right), former Chair of the Federal Reserve, at a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Department of Economics


Our mission is to help students develop the skills required to investigate economic challenges in a wide variety of settings.


We offer undergraduate degrees in two areas of study, including a new Business Data Analytics program, a SAS Certificate, and a minor. These degrees offer a rich and diverse assortment of sub-specialties that can support any student's unique interests and career plans.



Our outstanding faculty are focused on delivering the best educational experiences to our students. Respected scholars' outside-the-classroom professional activities help bring the subject to life for our students.



Senior executives offer support and expertise to the department, providing advice and guidance on academic programming assuring that our curricula remain fresh, relevant and rigorous.



Scholarships available each year for both incoming and current students.



The Economics Club is open to interested students. The group provides opportunities to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, network with business professionals, participate in competitions and organize community service projects.



Answer: Pretty much anything you want! Data science skills are in strong demand today and will be into the future. Our alumni are in-demand by disciplines and organizations throughout the country.


What's Happening at the Economics Department

Welcome to our New Faculty

Welcome to our New Faculty

The Economics Department welcomes two new assistant professors in economics, Dr. Michael DeDad (left) and Dr. Ali Enami.

The Economics of a Pandemic

The Economics of a Pandemic

Dr. Sucharita Ghosh, from the University of Akron's Economics Department, an expert in international economics, recently spoke with host Ray Horner, from WAKR radio, about the global economic challenges that lie ahead due to the pandemic and how the pandemic is a novel global demand and supply shock.

Coronavirus by the Numbers

Coronavirus by the Numbers

Dr. Amanda Weinstein from the University of Akron’s Economics Department has been tracking key indicators related to the coronavirus over the last few months.

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Message from the Chair

Sucharita Ghosh

Sucharita Ghosh
Professor and Chair

Welcome to the Department of Economics at The University of Akron, where we focus on the application of economics to real-world problems of policy and business. Our undergraduate programs provide economics majors with broad knowledge of important theoretical aspects of economics as well as expertise in empirical analysis.

Our majors develop critical thinking and data analysis skills which are highly valued by employers. Our students learn how to ask interesting economic questions and use their training to pursue answers on their own in their senior project. After their undergraduate experience, students go on to careers in business, government and law, with many pursuing post-graduate degrees. The college advising office and I assist students in selecting courses, finding internships and choosing career paths. Our Economics Advisory Board members, usually alumni of our department, mentor our undergraduate majors and sponsor scholarships.

All of this is achievable due to our diverse and talented faculty who are excited to help students navigate the world of economics. Our faculty conduct research, publish in high-quality academic journals and advise businesses and government agencies. Their scholarship and experiences translates into high quality instruction in the classroom to support students' learning.

I welcome you to learn more about economics, our programs and our department by exploring our website. Please contact us directly if you are a prospective student interested in an economics major or business data analytics major so we can help you tailor an economics program that meets your interests and needs.