Economics Department SAS Certificate

Earn a SAS Certificate of Completion in Economic Data Analytics

Congratulations! Because of your hard work you have been awarded the SASEconomic Data Analytics Certificate of Completion, jointly sponsored by the SAS Institute and the Department of Economics.  This may be the first line of your award letter if you qualify.  The jointly offered certificate is based on your successful completion of the economics major core coursework in data analytics along with economic theory at either the undergraduate of graduate level.  Every honoree will also successfully complete a major research study using SAS as the primary tool of their data analytics.

In this way the Department of Economics is preparing economists with strong econometrics and programming skills in SAS to be data scientists, ready to serve and lead business, governmental and not-profit institutions with their data analytic needs.

The Economics Department has Tier 3 Academic Specialization from SAS Institute for integrating advanced statistical analysis into its curriculum with programming skills in SAS. The Tier 3 designation is the highest level of credential that SAS offers its academic partners and provides the most benefits for economics majors seeking careers in the rapidly growing field of data analytics.

Every Economics and Business Data Analytics major can earn a SAS Certificate of Completion in Economic Data Analysis or Business Data Analysis through regular coursework. This certificate provides tangible evidence to employers of your econometrics and data science skills. In addition, the benefits students receive as part of the SAS partnership include access to free SAS software and e-learning courses; a digital badge they can use on their resume and LinkedIn profile; and heavily discounted fees for professional-level SAS certification exams.

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Importance of Economic Analysis to Data Science

Economists are unique in their approach to data analytics due to their unique training. They are story tellers, they are able to articulate problems and to take a rigorous approach to the solution of those problems. They understand the importance to understand the question: "why?"

Economists own causality and understand observational data, some are even said to be obsessed with the data generating process. Economists have a strong linear regression toolkit and are well familiar with the processes that push beyond that level of rigor. Economists understand minimizing and maximizing of objective functions under constraint.

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Bachelor's Students are Eligible

Successful completion of the following course work will qualify our student for the joint certificate in Economic Data Analytics.  A minimum of 12 credits, at least two courses that use SAS extensively, and the writing of a major research paper (either a Senior Project or a Graduate Job Market Paper) must be verified by the department.

B.A. Degree in Economics

  • 3250:325 Applied Econometrics I
  • 3250:326 Applied Econometrics II
  • 3250:496 SeniorProject in Economics

B.B.A. Degree in Business Data Analytics

  • 3250: 325 Applied Econometrics I
  • 3250: 326 Applied Econometrics II
  • 3250: 496 Senior Project in Economics (not required for degree) OR any 3-credits Economics course where a substantial empirical project is completed using SAS