Lung-ho Lin Memorial Scholarship in Economics

Dr. Lung-ho Lin touched the lives of many students in his years of service as an Economics faculty member. He was highly regarded by faculty and students alike as an outstanding professional, a mentor, and a friend to many.

His legacy as a teacher and mentor is being honored in the establishment of the Dr. Lung-ho Lin Memorial Scholarship in Economics. Contributions to the fund have come from Lung-ho’s family, friends, and colleagues.

The scholarship will be awarded to one or more students per year on a competitive basis with the potential to be renewed each year until graduation.

Eligibility Criteria

Students eligible to apply for this scholarship would have to meet
the following criteria:

  •  Be enrolled as an undergraduate at The University of Akron, College of Business Administration, majoring in economics at the time of acceptance of award.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student during the period of the award.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.75.

Consideration will also be given to the degree of student interest in macroeconomics and to their financial need.