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The University of Akron, Cleveland State University, and Kent State University offer jointly the MFA in Creative Writing. This degree provides students with opportunities to develop their skills in writing fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. The MFA is the terminal degree. Through extensive practice in workshops and craft and theory courses, students will develop their creative writing abilities while also studying literature and completing a relevant internship.

Admission Requirements

Students must be accepted by the Graduate School at The University of Akron or one of the other two participating universities. They must also submit three letters of recommendation, a goals statement, and a writing portfolio to the NEOMFA. The portfolio will be reviewed by an admissions committee of members from all four universities. Application materials must be submitted by January 15. Full application details are here.

Those students applying to The University of Akron as their NEOMFA gateway school must first apply to the UA Department of English and meet its minimum requirements. Then, applicants must submit to the NEOMFA admissions committee three letters of recommendation, a goals statement, and a substantive portfolio of creative work in one genre: 15 pages of work in poetry or literary translation, or 30 pages of fiction, creative non-fiction, or drama.

The letters of recommendation should come from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic or professional background. The letters should include an assessment of the applicant’s current work quality and ability to successfully complete graduate training. Application to the MFA program authorizes staff members at participating institutions to have access to all student academic records and application materials.

Degree Requirements

  • All MFA students must complete 48 semester hours in graduate level courses. There are six areas of course work in the MFA:
    • Writing Workshops (15 hours),
    • Craft and Theory Courses (9 hours),
    • Literature Courses (6 hours),
    • Internship (3 hours),
    • Electives (9 hours), and
    • Thesis (6 hours).

The thesis must be submitted according to the general requirements established by the University of Akron Graduate School, as well as submitted to the NEOMFA program. The student is required to defend the thesis in an oral presentation before a committee of graduate faculty from a minimum of two consortium schools.


To apply to The University of Akron as your gateway school, please click here. Be sure to indicate that you are applying to the NEOMFA Creative Writing program.


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