Selected Faculty Publications

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Chaucer Review

Ambrisco, Alan.
“’It lyth nat in my tongue’”: Occupatio and Otherness in Chaucer’s Squire’s Tale.” The Chaucer Review 38.3 (2004).

Best of Rhetoric and Composition

Bean, Janet.
“Free Speech and Freewriting:  A Pragmatic Perspective.”  Journal of Teaching Writing, (Fall/Winter 2009-2010).  With Peter Elbow. Reprinted in The Best of Rhetoric and Composition 2010.

Saint Monica

Biddinger, Mary.
Saint Monica. Black Lawrence Press, 2011.

Descriptive Sketches


 Birdsall, Eric. editor. 
Descriptive Sketches by William Wordsworth, editor with the assistance of Paul M. Zall.  Ithaca, N.Y.:  Cornell University Press, 1984.  [Volume 2 in The Cornell Wordsworth edition.]


That Which Marreth All Bruce, Yvonne.  
“‘That which Marreth All’: Constancy and Gender in The Virtuous Octavia,” Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 22 (2009).


Medicine in Literature Ceccio, Joseph F.
Medicine in Literature
, Longman, Inc.
    Thoreau the Land Surveyor Chura, Patrick.
    Thoreau the Land Surveyor, University Press of Florida, 2010.
    Daughter of Providence Drew, Julie A.
    Daughter of Providence
    , Overlook, 2011.
    Sound-Bite Saboteurs Book Cover Drew, Julie A., Lyons, William T.; Svehla, Lance.
    Sound-Bite Saboteurs: Public Discourse, Education, and the State of the Democratic Deliberation, State University of New York Press, 2010.
    Baptist Confidential Dukes, J. Thomas.
    Baptist Confidential,
    Blue Stem Press, 2005.
    Prose Studies Egan, James.
    “Implicit Aesthetics: Rhetorical Formulae and Poetic Shaping in Milton’s tracts on Divorce and Education.” Prose Studies 29/2 (August 2007): 178-203.


    Open Words Spring 2010 Falk, Jane.
    "Shaped by Resistance: Work as a Topical Theme for the Composition Classroom." Open Words, Spring 2010.
    Taming of the Shrew Forster, Antonia.
    (ed.) Taming of the Shrew. By William Shakespeare.  (edition of the play with textual introduction, introduction, edited text, commentary and performance notes). London: Methuen and Naperville: Sourcebooks, 2008.


    Advocating a Grassroots Approach Garcia-Duplain, Lauren.
    “Training 2.0: Advocating a Grassroots Approach to Building 21st-Century Faculty.” FORUM: Newsletter for issues about part-time and contingent faculty 13.2 Spring 2010: 9-13.
    All the Way Home   Giffels, David.
    All the Way Home. Harper Collins Publishers, 2009.
    Sketches at Home and Abroad Miller, Jon. editor.
    Sketches at Home and Abroad: A Critical Edition of Selection from the Writings of Nathaniel Parker Willis, University of Akron Press, 2010.
    Staging Anatomies Nunn, Hillary M.
    Staging Anatomies: Dissection and Spectacle in Early Stuart Tragedy
    , by Hillary M. Nunn (Ashgate Publishing Ltd.)
    Elephant in the Classroom Palacas, Arthur

    “African American Voice and Standard English.” Elephant in the Classroom: Race and Writing, Jane Bowman-Smith, ed., Hampton Press, 2010 (June).

    Private Acts Pope, Robert.
    Jack's Universe,
    Another Chicago Press. 
      Technical Writing Reep, Diana.
      Technical Writing: Principles, Strategies, and Readings, 8th ed., Longman, 2010.
      Contesting Histories Schuldiner, Michael.
      Contesting Histories: German and Jewish Americans and the Legacy of the Holocaust, Texas Tech University Press, 2011.
      Writing Without Formulas  Thelin, William H.
      Writing Without Formulas, Wadsworth Publishing, 2009.
      The Temporary Life: Stories Wasserman, Eric.
      The Temporary Life: Stories, University of Akron Press, 2010.
      An Introduction to Bibligraphical and Textual Studies, 4th ed.


      Williams, William Proctor and Craig Abbot.
      An Introduction to Bibliographical and Textual Studies, 4th ed., Modern Language Association, 2009.