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Academic programs

The University of Akron offers bachelor's of arts and bachelor's of science degrees. Undergraduate students can also participate in Honors College programs in coordination with their geoscience program.

Graduate students can choose from three areas of specialization in geology. Graduate students in the department enjoy a wide range of research opportunities.

Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate majors usually take courses in physical, historical, and structural geology, petrography, paleontology, and mineralogy.

Depending upon your field of interest, additional coursework in a supporting science is encouraged.

Your education extends beyond the classroom to locations across the country. Faculty members and students regularly travel throughout the United States in their scientific investigations

Bachelor's of Science degrees

Bachelor's of Arts degrees

Honors project

Undergraduate certificate

Field Camp

Our annual summer Field Camp is conducted in South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Field trips are also taken during the school year to such places as Canada, the Bahamas, Kentucky, Colorado, Virginia and Missouri.

Travel Policy

Procedures and policies regarding the conduction of field trips, including the timing and methods of transportation, are at the sole discretion of the faculty member in charge of the course. Based upon safety and pedagogical concerns, these policies will likely vary from term to term and course to course. Establishment of a policy for one course does not mean the policy also applies to another course. The default policy for the department, unless otherwise specified orally or in writing by the instructor, is that all travel will be in university-provided vehicles.

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Graduate programs

Areas of graduate research include: hydrogeology, paleoclimate, geomicrobiology, siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentation, geochemistry, environmental geology in addition to the traditional geologic areas of structural geology, petrology, statigraphy and paleontology.


Master of Science (MS) in Geology:

Summer geology field camp

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