Dr. David N. Steer

Dr. David N. Steer

Title: Professor
Research Specialty: Geophysics
Dept/Program: Geosciences and Education
Phone: 330 972-2099
Fax: 330 972-7611
Email: steer@uakron.edu
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Research Interests

Geophys_stuDr. Steer's current research interests are directed at using surface geophysical exploration techniques to explore for and identify subsurface anomalies of environmental concern. He has used multi-channel, electrical resistivity systems and ground penetrating radar to locate previously undocumented, abandoned shallow coal mines. He uses the same techniques to search for unknown cave systems and to identify buried cultural sites. More recently, he has used geophysical techniques to study a subsurface mine fire burning in central Pennsylvania.

In addition, Dr. Steer has an extensive database of deep seismic reflection data from Russia that can be studied to better understand the nature of the crust-mantle boundary. His other interests include research related to teaching and learning in large geoscience courses for non-majors and the possible application of 3-D visualization systems as a learning tool in physical geology.


Ph.D., 1996, Cornell University


  • Earth Science (3370:100)
  • Fundamentals of Geophysics (3370:441)
  • Exploration Geophysics (3370:446)
  • Global Tectonics (3370:656)
  • Seminar in Geology (3370:680)