Dr. Ira D. Sasowsky

Dr. Ira D. Sasowsky

Title: Professor
Research Specialty: Karst, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Office: CRH 215
Phone: 330 972-5389
Fax: 330 972-7611
Email: ids@uakron.edu
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Karst, hydrogeology, petroleum geology.

Research Interests

In broad areas of hydrogeology and surficial processes, including geomorphology, geochemistry, and dating. Specific past or present projects include: Movement of sediments in aquifers, treatment of acid mine drainage, determination of the age of caves, determination of incision rates of surface streams, structural controls on carbonate aquifer development, effects of sea-level change on aquifer development, groundwater hydrology of metamorphic terranes, paleomagnetic dating of glacial deposits, and the occurrence of rare petroleum deposits.

Current field areas include: West Virginia, Brazil, and Spain.

IDS Fac Pg

(left) Pendants in an eastern US cave. (right) Groundwater Hydrology class field trip.


Ph.D., 1992, Penn State University


  • Caves (3370:133)
  • Environmental Geology (3370:200)
  • Geomorphology (3370:310)
  • Petroleum Geology (3370:435/535)
  • Groundwater Hydrology (3370:474/574)
  • Geoscience Information Acquisition and Management (3370:484/584)
  • Field Studies: Karst of the Appalachians (3370:495/695)
  • Geology Colloquium (3370:696)
  • Advanced Groundwater Hydrology (3370:674)


Current and Former Graduate students