Mr. John F. Beltz

Mr. John F. Beltz

Title: Professor of Instruction, Undergraduate Advisor
Research Specialty: Physical geology, historical geology, Earth science, oceanography
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Office: CRH 112
Phone: 330 972-6687
Fax: 330 972-7611


Trubee, K., Park, L.E., Beltz, J.F., Agnich, J., 2002.  Characterizing the Variability of Non-Marine Ostracode Faunas on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.  GSA Abs. Prog. v. 34(2).

Park, L.E., and Beltz, J.F., 1998.  Biogeography of Neogene Tropical Non-marine Caribbean Ostracod Faunas.  GSA Abs. Prog. v. 30.
Beltz, J.F., McCambridge, C.E., Foos, A.M., et al, 1998.  An Analysis of the Water Quality of Sand Run Creek, Sand Run Metropark, Akron, Ohio. The Ohio Journal of Science Abs. Prog.

Beltz, J.F., 1992.  A Holocene Salinity History of Oyster Pond, San Salvador Island, Bahamas.  6th Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas.

Teeter, J.W., Beltz, J.F., Miller, M.J., Palunas, M.J. and Zurdocky, R.A., 1991.  Holocene Salinity History of a Blue Hole, San Salvador Island, Bahamas.  GSA Abs. Prog. v. 23(3).


  • M.S., Geology, The University of Akron, 1992
  • B.S., Natural Science, The University of Akron, 1988


  • Earth Science (3370:100)
  • Physical Geology (3370:101)
  • Historical Geology (3370:102)
  • Natural Science Geology (3370:103)
  • Dinosaurs (3370:121)
  • Natural Disasters (3370:126)
  • The Ice Age and Ohio (3370:127)
  • Geology of Ohio (3370:128)
  • Medical Geology (3370:129)
  • Earth's Atmosphere and Weather (3370:137)
  • Introduction to the Oceans (3370:171)
  • Environmental Geology (3370:200)
  • Oceanography (3370:371)
  • Fld. St: Wetland Determination and Ecology (3370:455)