Dr. Ronald Runeric

Dr. Ronald Runeric

Title: Senior Lecturer
Research Specialty: Coldwater ecosystems
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Office: CRH 216
Phone: 330 972-6778
Fax: 330 972-7611
Email: rr2@uakron.edu



Coldwater ecosystems.

Technical and specialized skills

  • Use of statistical analysis tools and programs with SPSS,e.g., Multiple regression, logistic regression, hierarchical partitioning, discriminate analysis, ANOVA, as well as basic tests of relationships and statistical significance.
  • Use of ArcMap (geographic information system).
  • Understanding of anthropogenic acid deposition (both acid precipitation and acid mine drainage), and its effects on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  Understanding of techniques for mitigation of anthropogenic acid deposition.  Understanding of climate change, plate tectonics, fluvial patterns and development, and glaciation and its effects, especially in eastern USA and Canada.  Comprehensive understanding of environmental issues, especially issues based on human activities in one country which produce impacts the other; e.g., acid precipitation and management of the Great Lakes.
  • Knowledge and experience with tools and techniques for assessing coldwater ecosystems.  Includes electro-fishing and Petersen mark/recapture and Zippin depletion population estimation, tools and techniques for measuring total alkalinity, pH, electrical conductance, and total hardness of natural waters.  Understanding of functioning and interactions within both lentic and lotic ecosystems.


  • Analysis of relationship between precipitation patterns and densities of quality size brook trout in small, infertile streams.
  • Focus on all social and natural influences and attributes of fluvial ecosystems supporting salmonid fisheries, especially native salmonids.  Includes climate change, acidic deposition, management of natural resources, and management of users.


Runeric, R.  2011.  A strategy for approaching the sensitive topic of Islamic fundamentalism in cultural geography courses for American undergraduates.  The Arab World Geographer 14: 387-400.

Runeric, R. 2011.  Urbanization.  Chapter five (pages 51-63) in: Peacefull, L.  2011.  Cultural diversity: a geographic perspective.  Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt.  

Runeric, R.  2008.  Physical, chemical, and social conditions associated with quality size brook trout in small streams.  Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 82: 82-91.


  • Ph.D., The University of Akron, 1999
  • M.A., Geography, The University of Akron, 1978


  • Introduction to Geography (3350:100)
  • Geography of Cultural Diversity (3350:275)
  • Environmental Geology (3370:200)
  • Seminar: Environmental Studies (3370:480)