Dr. Martin Wainwright

Dr. Martin Wainwright

Title: Professor and Department Chair
Dept/Program: History
Phone: 330-972-6512
Email: amartin@uakron.edu
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A specialist in modern Britain and modern India, Martin Wainwright’s research focuses on the encounter between these two countries and its impact on the British Empire as a whole.  His first book, Inheritance of Empire:  Britain, India, and the Balance of Power in Asia, 1938-1955 (Praeger, 1994) examines the transfer of defense technology and its role in the development of independent India.  His second book, “The Better Class” of Indians:  Social Rank, Imperial Identity, and South Asians in Britain, 1858-1914 (Manchester University Press, 2008), examines the interpretation of the social ranks of South Asians living in Victorian and Edwardian England, and the effect of this process on the development of British national and imperial identity.  Professor Wainwright is currently researching the impact of empire on the preservation of the British monarchy.  He teaches courses in British and Indian history as well as imperialism and world history.  He also teaches a course on the presentation of historical themes in video games.


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin