Eric S. Williams

Title: Senior Lecturer
Dept/Program: History-Wayne
Office: Wayne College and Boyer HPE Bldg C135
Phone: 330/972-8700


Ph.D. Student--Modern Europe, Early Modern Europe, India/South Asia, Modern U.S.

Working at Wayne College is a bit of a homecoming for me as I received my Associates Degree from here. I was co-founder of the Prose,Poetry and Acoustical Jam Night that is still going on strong here at Wayne College for more than 10 years. I currently work between several college campuses, serving as Vice President of an Adjunct Advisory Committee and receiving the Outstanding Instructor Award at North Central State College, the first part-time instructor ever to win the merit.

Southeast Indiana Humanities ConferenceThe first ever Southeast Indiana Humanities Conference was held Friday and Saturday, March 2-3, 2007. Attendance was small and dominated by Ivy Tech, University of Louisville, and one or two people from Ohio State. Eric may have been the only representative from UA. The conference was held on the grounds of Indiana University Southeast, a branch of Indiana U, located in New Albany, Indiana.

Most of the presenters read papers or held creative writing workshops. They also had open panel discussions on the role and importance of humanities education across the curricula, especially for business majors.

Eric presenting a paperEric presented a paper titled "Speak of the Devil: A Brief Look at the Origins and Influences on the Devil on Western Art". The paper traced where the image of the Christian devil that we know today (red guy, pitchfork, goat-hooves and horns) came from originally. He presented on Friday, got many questions, and received a good deal of advice and praise on the work. The paper was part of a longer work Eric did for his graduate thesis which can be found in the Ohio State University Library in Mansfield.

Pictured in the photograph is his wife, Jennifer, who teaches Humanities at North Central State College with Eric at that campus.


  • Associate of Arts Degree; Tne University of Akron-Wayne College
  • Bachelor of English Degree; The University of Akron
  • Master of Humanities Degree; California State University


  • Humanities in the Wld snc 1300
  • •  World Civ: Latin America
  • •  World Civ: Latin America