Honors scholarship opportunities

The Honors College awards renewable Honors scholarships based on an applicant's academic qualifications. 

Those awards typically range from $500-$1,000 per year.

No special application is required. 

Details and descriptions

Every applicant to the Honors College is considered for an honors scholarship award. No additional application need be completed other than the application to join the Honors College. Students should be sure to also complete the New Freshman Private (Endowed) Scholarship Application to be considered for non-honors scholarships as well.

An Honors scholarship is often in addition to other academic scholarships awarded at The University of Akron, such as the Scholarship for Excellence, Presidential Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship, etc. 

To receive an Honors scholarship in any given semester, a student must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program for a minimum of 12 credits. 

Honors scholarships are renewed annually, without reapplication, if the student maintains a sufficient cumulative grade-point average:

  • after completing one year of college or 32 credits toward graduation: 3.25 or higher
  • after completing two years of college or 64 credits toward graduation: 3.30 or higher
  • after completing three years of college or 96 credits toward graduation: 3.40 or higher

A student must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least a 3.0 overall and a 2.0 in any semester in order to maintain status in the Honors College.

Students who take part in co-operative education during a fall or spring semester have their honors scholarships applied to the following summer sessions. Students who will graduate early (that is, in fewer than eight semesters) may apply to the Honors Council requesting that the scholarship they would have received for their final semester be awarded during the last summer session before graduation.

Transfer students, non-traditional applicants, and continuing undergraduates at UA who apply to the Honors College are considered for scholarships case by case.

Honors Housing Award from the Herman M. Muehlstein Fund for Scholastic Aid

Provides $2,000 per year for housing, available for a student's first two years.

Lisle M. Buckingham/Owen O. and Della M. Orr Honors Scholarship

The most prestigious honors scholarship, the Lisle M. Buckingham/Owen O. and Della M. Orr Honors Scholarship consists of tuition and fees, and room and board, for up to eight semesters of an Honors student's academic program.

About six new awards are made annually.

The scholarships are awarded primarily to well-rounded applicants with unusually high test scores.