Williams Honors College Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge.

To complete your studies and graduate as a University Honors Scholar, you will:

  • Select a major
  • Follow the Honors distribution
  • Complete the Honors Colloquia
  • Create an Honors research project

Advisers will help you stay on track, and you will often work directly with a faculty member on your research project.

University Honors Scholar requirements

Graduate of the Honors College at The University of Akron

As an Honors student, your program of study will include unique opportunities. To graduate as a University Honors Scholar, you should:

  • Earn the credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree with a cumulative gpa of at least 3.40. Your progress toward your objective may be accelerated by:
    • Credit by examination
    • Credit awarded for satisfactory achievement (as defined by present University policies) on high school advanced placement tests and various other achievement tests (e.g. CLEP)
  • In lieu of the General Studies requirements (except for Physical Education), complete the Honors Distribution requirement pertaining to four groups of disciplines and physical education.

  • In addition to satisfying the regular honors distribution requirement above, complete the three Honors Colloquia courses.

  • Complete your departmental, divisional, or interdisciplinary major requirements.

  • Although each Honors student will be encouraged to become proficient in a language other than English, the foreign language is mandatory only if required of all students in the student's major department or division.

  • Complete an Honors Research Project, i.e., an Honors Thesis or an original or creative work appropriate to your area of interest and meeting high standards of scholarship. Study abroad or field experience may be recognized as part of that project. Departmental and Collegiate requirements may include a qualifying examination or research skills course before you proceed to an Honors Research Project.

When you complete the requirements to become a University Honors Scholar, this will be noted on your transcript and diploma, and you will be appropriately recognized as University Honors Scholars at the graduation ceremony.

Honors Grade-Point Average (GPA) Requirements

  • Graduation GPA Requirement: 3.40 commencement GPA
    Note that the commencement GPA is determined after ALL final grades have been reported on the academic record. All graded courses, including repeated and reassessed courses, are including in the calculation of the commencement GPA.
  • To remain in Good Standing and to retain the Honors scholarship:
    • Spring of Year 1: 3.25 cumulative GPA
    • Spring of Year 2: 3.30 cumulative GPA
    • Spring of Year 3+: 3.40 cumulative GPA
    Note that only the grade for the most recent attempt at a course will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA. These requirements are determined from approximately the 60th percentile of the given class and have been developed to ensure good progress toward the graduation GPA requirement.

The GPA is checked only at the end of the Spring semester, and the student is given one probationary year to meet the GPA requirement to remain in Good Standing, provided his/her GPA is 3.00 or greater. Any student whose GPA falls below 3.00 when checked will be dismissed from the Honors College without probation.