Student Forms

Honors Distribution

After completing this form, see your honors academic advisor or your honors faculty advisor within your major for approval of your Honors Distribution. 

Transient Permission

  • Transient Permission for courses applied to the Honors Distribution; (.doc)

Students registering at another institution for a course to apply to the Honors Distribution must have this form approved by the Dean or Associate Dean of the Honors College, or an approved designate.

Honors Credit By Contract

Honors Research Project

  • Proposal Cover Page (.pdf)
  • Final Signature Page (.doc)

Resignation and Dismissal

Students resigning from the Williams Honors College must complete this form and submit to the college.

Students who are dismissed from the Williams Honors College may appeal their dismissal using this form.

Dismissed students must complete this form declaring their intention to follow the modified Honors Distribution (research project and Honors Credits not required) or UA's General Education requirements.  Both options should be discussed with an advisor.