Requirements to become a University Honors Scholar

As an Honors student, your program of study will include unique opportunities. To graduate as a University Honors Scholar, you should:

1. Earn the credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree with a cumulative gpa of at least 3.40. Your progress toward your objective may be accelerated by:
*Credit by examination
*Credit awarded for satisfactory achievement (as defined by present University policies) on high school advanced placement tests and various other achievement tests (e.g. CLEP)

2. In lieu of the General Studies requirements (except for Physical Education), you complete the Honors Distribution requirement pertaining to four groups of disciplines and physical education.

3. In addition to satisfying the regular honors distribution requirement above, you complete the three Honors Colloquia courses.

4. You complete the requirements of your Departmental, Divisional, or interdisciplinary major.

5. Although each Honors student will be encouraged to become proficient in a language other than English, the foreign language is mandatory only if required of all students in the student's major department or division.

6. You complete an Honors Research Project, i.e., an Honors Thesis or an original or creative work appropriate to the student's area of interest and meeting high standards of scholarship, with a grade of B or above. Research performed through a study abroad program or through field experience may be used as part of that project. Departmental and Collegiate requirements may include a qualifying examination before the student proceeds to an Honors Research Project.

Students completing the requirements to become a University Honors Scholar shall have this noted on their transcripts and diplomas, and they shall be appropriately recognized as University Honors Scholars at the graduation ceremony.