Honors Research Projects

For members of the Williams Honors College, the Honors Research Project is an integral part of the UA Honors experience and represents the culmination of their undergraduate studies at The University of Akron. Honors students have maintained an outstanding academic record throughout their time on campus and the interests they have developed and experiences that have shaped them are reflected in this independent project. Interdisciplinary, creative projects are encouraged, and could incorporate original research investigating a significant question, a unique artistic or creative work, or the design of an original concept to meet a societal need. In all cases the project must meet high standards of scholarship. The student must also meet any department or college requirements for this project, such as prerequisite coursework or experience, qualifying examination, or oral presentation. Research performed as part of a study abroad program or through field experience may be incorporated into the project, with the approval of the student's Honors Faculty Advisor and Honors Project Sponsor.

All Honors students must enroll in a minimum of two credit hours as part of their Honors Project, up to a maximum of six credit hours. The specific number of credit hours taken will depend on the nature of the project and the policies of student's major department. The student must have approval of the project proposal from the Honors College before enrolling in the appropriate Honors Research Project course for their degree. Finally, a written report is required for each project according to specific departmental guidelines.

Additional details on the process, schedule, and format are available throughout this section.

Please note that the submission process has changed beginning Fall 2019. Please follow the new submission instructions!

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