1. Please scan the completed signature page for your research project and submit it via email to the Williams Honors College office, or submit a hardcopy to the Dean's office. Note that you do not need to have the approval from the Dean of the Williams Honors College before submitting your signature page. That will be handled once everything else is complete. If you need an extension to the submission deadline please contact Dane Quinn as soon as possible.
  2. Upload your project report to IdeaExchange through the UA libraries.
    • IdeaExchange@UAkron is the name of a cooperative effort of the University Libraries and the University Press which showcases the research that the University, its faculty, and its students generate.

    • Honors Research Projects sometimes contain confidential or proprietary information. Students may also wish to avoid disclosure of specific aspects of their work to preserve publication or patentability rights. Students should consult with their project sponsor and/or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research for guidance on any of these potential issues before proceeding with submission. In such cases students should not submit restricted information to IdeaExchange, although a modified report that is not subject to disclosure issues should still be uploaded. 

    To Upload Your Honors Research Project:

    • Open the webpage:
    • On the left hand side of the webpage under the heading Author Corner, select Submit Research. Click on this and you will be sent to the Submit Your Research page
    • On the new webpage, there is a list of groups. Scroll down and select the Honors College Research Projects link to submit your research. Create a new account with your Email address and a password. (After it is created, you will get a confirmation email).
    • Next is the Submission Agreement page; you are required to read and accept the terms. Once you accept the terms and continue, you will be sent to the Honors Research Project page. 
    • Enter the title of your project, exactly as it appears in the manuscript of your Honors Research Project. The remainder of the form is basic information about you, any other authors, and the project. After completing those items, you may submit your paper.