Animal Welfare

If your proposed project involves vertebrate animals (warm-blooded or cold-blooded), the proposal must be reviewed by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The University of Akron is required by federal law and regulation to review all projects involving animals and is required to assure the federal government that all facilities, procedures, personnel, etc. are in compliance with federal requirements.

The IACUC requires all researchers who intend to perform research with animals to prepare an application that describes the research. Submit the IACUC Application Form for any new research study. Approved projects are valid for one year. If the project is to continue beyond one year an Annual Review Form must be submitted to the IACUC. Any modifications to an approved study must be reviewed by the IACUC prior to implementation. Submit these requests using the IACUC Modification Form. All forms can be downloaded below. Forms may also be obtained from the supervisor of the UA Research Vivarium (x-5845).

Any live vertebrate animals used for research and/or teaching purposes are required to be housed in the UA Research Viviarium (UARV).

Mandatory training in the proper, ethical care, handling and use of laboratory animals is offered annually in October by the IACUC. All personnel who may handle animals must attend training prior to the start of any research project utilizing animals. Please contact the UARV Supervisor (x-7845) to sign up.

If your project is funded by an external sponsor, you should inform the Office of Research Administration of your intended use of animals. You may be required to submit your IACUC application in advance of submission of your proposal to a sponsor. Please contact your grants coordinator for more information.

All application forms have been revised! Please use only those forms dated April 2014 or later. Older forms will not be accepted.

The necessary application forms are below:

IACUC Application -use for any new research study.

IACUC Modification -use to request any modifications to an approved study.

IACUC Annual Review -use if the project is to continue beyond one year.

IACUC Additional Personnel -use to add additional personnel to an approved study.

IACUC Participant Qualifications -use, if needed, for additional personnel involved with the project.

IACUC Hazardous Substance -use, if needed, if using potentially hazardous materials.

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