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The University of Akron seeks to increase relevant knowledge for its stakeholders, including students, industries, governments and educational institutions. The University sees its research as a driver for finding meaningful solutions to advance the region.


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Research News

NSF grant enables professor to engineer noses, jaws and ears

Matthew Becker anticipates that his research will result in technology that will one day improve lives for those with traumatic injuries.
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Mussels inspire development of waterproof adhesives

National Science Foundation grant supports UA researchers efforts to develop a synthetic mimic of mussel adhesives using soybean oil — a renewable resource.
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Scientists unearth ecosystem puzzle piece

In northeast Ohio's "backyard," UA biologists discover plant varieties sprout in moderation as part of worldwide study.
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Entrepreneur coaches give inventions market-ready push

UA research teams to benefit from program designed to accelerate commercialization of university research.
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