Honors Research Project Proposal

Your Honors Research Project Proposal is an important component of your overall project. In particular it provides a guideline and timetable for the work to be accomplished and ensures that the expectations of the project sponsor and readers are clearly defined. When preparing your written description please include the following sections:

  1. Goals and Objectives
    In the initial section of the proposal, describe the specific research questions to be addressed, as well as the goals and objectives of the project. What are the motivations for the work and the benefits if successful? This section should be written at a level that is readily accessible for non-experts in the field of study.
  2. Methodology
    Then, discuss the work to be undertaken including the methodology used. How will the goals and objectives be met and the questions described above be answered? Does this work build significantly on existing research and efforts? This section can be more in-depth than the previous section, but should still be understandable by someone in the field of study. Please include a tentative timeline for the efforts with projected intermediate project deadlines. While the timeline is subject to change as the research progresses, it provides an initial guide for the work to be undertaken and is an important part of the proposal. Proposals without a timeline will not be approved.
  3. Outcomes
    Describe the final output of this project, including the written report for the Honors College. If the project is to be performed or presented publicly, what will be the expected event and audience?
  4. Academic Impact
    Finally, please describe how you see your Honors Research Project building on and adding to your undergraduate experience and knowledge. How does this project serve as an enveloping experience for the undergraduate major? What is expected to be applied from the curriculum and learned from the outcomes.

Any references cited can be included in a final section when appropriate. The length of your written description is expected to be 3–5 pages. For projects involving more than one Honors student, please submit a single project description, but with a separate and completed cover sheet for each student. In addition, please include a statement regarding the expected responsibilities for each Honors student.

Provide copies of the completed proposal (cover sheet and project description) to your project sponsor, your readers, and your Honors Advisor for their approval, and finally submit the signed proposal to the Honors College in person or by email to HonorsSA1@uakron.edu. You will be notified once your submission has been reviewed by the Williams Honors College.