Drs. Gary and Pamela Williams Undergraduate Research Grant

The Williams Honors College is pleased to announce the availability of research awards to support students undertaking their Honors Research Project (HRP). These awards are intended to offset direct expenses associated with the research activities that are part of the HRP, and all students with unfunded research expenses are encouraged to apply. 

Award Information

The number of awards and average award size are subject to the availability of funds but anticipated to be $300 per project. For projects with multiple Honors students only one grant will be made per project.  Total funding available is $9,000 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Students should consult with their sponsor before applying. Cost-sharing with departments/colleges is strongly encouraged.


Proposals may only be submitted by students:

  • in good standing in the WHC that are on track to graduate as Williams Honors Scholars
  • that have an approved Honors Research Project proposal submitted to IdeaExchange.


Proposals are due on the following dates:

September 18, 2023 – open to all students; note that this deadline is prior to that proposal deadline for Spring projects, and is intended for those students that are proactive in beginning their Honors Research Project 
November 13, 2023 – open to all students 
April 8, 2024 – restricted to students completing their project in Summer/Fall 2023

Preparation and Submission

Students must submit a copy of their approved proposal including the signed cover page and project description, together with a detailed budget of expenses and justification. All requests should be submitted here.

Decisions are expected to be made within three weeks of the corresponding deadline.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible research expenses could include materials and supplies, as well as travel expenses necessary to perform the proposed research. All purchases must follow UA purchasing policies/prohibitions and itemized receipts are required for all reimbursements. Additional information is available at:


Note that this program does not support publication or travel expenses for the research presentations. Such expenses should be submitted to the WHC separately from this program.

Additional Information/Questions

Any questions or requests for additional information should be made to Dr. Matt Wyszynski, Senior Associate Dean.