We want you to be successful throughout the next year in the completion of your Honors Research Project. Over the years, students have provided us with many suggestions for the Honors Research Project based on their research experiences. Here are some ideas that might help in your planning:

  • Spend some time looking over past projects completed in your major. Seeing the format and scope of projects will often help to guide you in understanding the expectations of the experience. The University of Akron’s IdeaExchange showcases the completed Honors Research Projects.
  • As an Honors student, we encourage you to build relationships with your professors early in your academic career. Embarking on this project should result from the interests and networking that have been developed from your undergraduate experience. Your department’s Honors Advisor is knowledgeable about the research activities ongoing in your department and can connect you with potential Project Sponsors.
  • Meet with your Project Sponsor to establish a specific timeline for work on your project. The Williams Honors College Office establishes dates for turning in your project to our office, but you and your Sponsor will also need to plan dates for your work. The final Project (including all required signatures) will be due on Friday of the 14th week of the semester you are graduating.
  • For ENGINEERING STUDENTS completing a Design Project as their Honors Project, your final deadlines may differ from those of the Honors College. Please prepare accordingly.
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of both you and your Sponsor throughout the year. Talk over the expectations that you have for each other, including availability, frequency of contact, method of contact, etc. Students who keep in close touch with their Sponsor and Readers seem to be the most successful in completing their project on time.
  • Prior to the initiation of your project, identify the roles that each committee member will have throughout the year. Readers need to be informed of your progress, your need for their input, and the expectations that you have for their participation. Let each member of your committee know of your progress throughout the year. Ask Readers when they will need a copy of your project to allow them to complete their reading in a timely fashion.
  • Finally, you must register for a minimum of 2 credits of Honors Project in your departmental office. Please discuss important plans with your Sponsor, including which semester(s) you will register for credits, how many credits, and who/how your final grade will be assigned. Please note that individual departments may have additional specific requirements.