The following information provides a general outline for the completion of the Honors Research Project in the graduating year. However, the Honors College encourages its student to start the process as soon as possible – students can get involved in undergraduate research with individual faculty as early as their freshman year. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to become involved in exceptional research projects at the edge of their discipline and can serve as the basis for their Honors Research Project. Completed results from Honors Projects can serve other purposes, including support for admission to graduate school or employment interviews. Start early.

Each department may have more specific requirements.

Prior to Submission of the Honors Research Project Proposal

(Spring Semester for Spring Graduation of the Following Year)

Select project topic and advisors and establish a schedule

  • Honors Research Project Sponsors must be a faculty member at The University of Akron and typically is a member of the student's major department. If the Sponsor is not a member of the major department then approval must be obtained from the Honors Faculty Advisor in the student's major department.
  • Readers may be chosen from any other department at the university, or may come from outside the university when appropriate. All readers must be approved by both the student and the faculty sponsor.
  • Each department has specific courses that are to be used for Honors Research Project credit, and students may need to register for Honors project courses in the Fall and/or Spring of their graduating year. In addition, the number of credits completed must be at least two up to a maximum of six credit hours, depending on the nature of the project and the policies of individual departments. The Honor Project Sponsor must approve the number of courses taken and the total number of credits to be completed.

Prior to Graduating Semester

(Fall Semester for Spring Graduation)
Please note that the submission process has changed beginning Fall 2019. Please follow the new submission instructions detailed below!
  • Submit the Honors Research Project Proposal (deadline: October 1 for Spring Graduation) to the Honors College. This must be approved by the Honors Project Sponsor, all readers, and the Honors Faculty Advisor prior to submission.
  • Begin the research activities.
  • You should meet regularly with your Honors Project Sponsor to review your progress. Some sponsors may require an Initial Progress Report at the end of the fall semester.
  • Students expecting to work on an honors project involving the use of human subjects should be aware that such projects may need to be evaluated by the University of Akron Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB reviews all proposals for research involving human participants to insure appropriate ethical and safety standards are observed. Depending on the nature of the proposed research, IRB review and approval may be required prior to moving forward with your study. In the same way, any research involving live animals will require review by the University of Akron Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC). Please communicate with your project sponsor regarding the need for IRB or ACUC consideration as it relates to your specific project. Information concerning research applications and review procedures can be obtained via the University of Akron Office of Research Administration (ORA).
  • Honors Research Projects sometimes contain confidential or proprietary information. Students may also wish to avoid disclosure of specific aspects of their work to preserve publication or patentability rights. Students should consult with their project sponsor and/or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research for guidance on any of these potential issues before submission. In such cases students should not submit restricted information to IdeaExchange, although a modified report that is not subject to disclosure issues should still be uploaded.

Graduating Semester

(Final Deadline: End of Week 15)

Students are expected to meet regularly with the Honors Project Sponsor to ensure continued progress. Honors Project reports are typically 20 to 60 pages in length, depending on the discipline, and the primary consideration is the depth and quality of the work.

Revision and approval process

  1. Student submits full draft version to Project Sponsor and responds to requested revisions.
  2. Once all sponsor concerns have been addressed, project is submitted to readers for revision.
  3. Completed project must be approved by sponsor, readers, and Honors Faculty advisor.

Note that individual departments and/or sponsors may have additional deadlines.

Honors Research Project Final Submission

The final approved report must be submitted to the Honors College

  • Abstract and signature page are submitted electronically to the Honors College.
  • Project is uploaded to IdeasExchange