Employee Service Awards  


This year the event will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 from 3-5 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. The program will include brief remarks by Interim President Green and presentation of certificates by the Deans and Vice Presidents to those reaching milestones of 20 years and up. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments and take photos with Interim President Green and Zippy.

 2019 Service Award Photos

Below is a list of employees who have reached milestones between 5 and 45 years. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Spayd by phone at extension 6716 or by email at

Richard K. Yoder - Academic Affairs - Wayne

Nicholas D. Frankovits - Geosciences

Steven C. Myers - Economics

Roberta A. Reese - LBJ FF Education Dean's Office

Harvey D. Rosenthal - Williams Honors Col Dean's Office

Mary F. Tohill - English-Wayne

Sheryl A. Butler - Office of Athletics
Jeanette M. Carson - Audio Visual Services
Harry M. Cheung - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Richard L. Einsporn - Statistics
Ann M. Evans - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Carmella Farruggia - UL Access Services
MaryAnn C. Hamilton - Admissions
Marlene S. Huff - Nursing
Nathan Ida - Electrical & Computer Engr
Richard A. Kent - Communication
Jeannette M. Kontak - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
EricW.  Kreider - Univ Comm & Marketing
Thein Kyu - Polymer Engineering
John W. Morrison II - Art
Janine T. Pavkov - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Deborah A. Schindewolf - Student Accounts/Bursar
Harold W. Shaffer Jr. - Business & Info Technology
Kenneth R. Vansickle - Business & Office Tech-Wayne
Winifred W. Alexander - VP, Development
Donald R. Appleby Jr. - UL Access Services
Clifford G. Bailey - Mechanical Engineering
Anthony E. Barnes - VP, Development
Chien-Chung Chan - Computer Science
Edward Dipold - Audio Visual Services
Malik E. Elbuluk - Electrical & Computer Engr
Kathryn R. Evans - Office of Research Admin
Gay L. Felix - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Susan C. Hanlon - CBA Dean's Office
Walter L. Hixson - History
Kevin L. Kreider - Mathematics
Paul E. Levy - Psychology
Sandra J. Longenecker - Music
Elizabeth A. Mancz - Anthropology & Classical St
Douglas Miller - Network & Comm Svs
Theresa A Morrison - English
Rodney L. Murph - Physical Facilities
Michael K. Murray - Physical Facilities
Victor E. Pinheiro - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Joycelyn D. Ramos - UL Electronic Services
Darrell Hyson Reneker - Polymer Science
James R. Slowiak - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Paulette Solomon - Counseling & Testing Center
Janice S. Troutman - Art
Bindiganavale S. Vijayaraman - Management
Charles A. Waehler - Psychology
A. Martin Wainwright - History
Wendy L. Welday - Registrar
Chrys Wesdemiotis - Chemistry
Hui-Chu Ying - Art
Timothy S. Akin - Modern Languages
John F. Beltz - Geosciences
Ann M. Besch - Engineering & Science Tech
Terri R. Bisesi - Law Dean's Office
James Carstarphen - Physical Facilities
Teresa J. Cutright - Civil Engineering
Gregory S. Dieringer - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Dennis Dugan - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Nancy K. Eichelberger - Mathematics
Kim Gentile - Admissions
Marcie B. Gill-Kinast - Art
Carolyn J. Hofer - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Anne M. Jorgensen - Student Athlete Academic Srvs
Susan Nan Kushner Benson -Educ Found & Leadership
Cynthia H. Loe - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Denise K. Montanari - Office of Student Success
Deborah L. Owens - Marketing
Lori J. Palmer - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Gregory Leigh Parks - Physical Facilities
Kandi L. Pilliod - Assoc VP & Controller
Mike S. Plybon - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Timothy W. Powell - Music
John E. Queener - Psychology
Susan E. Ramlo - Engineering & Science Tech
Loretta R. Reale - Nursing
Deanne M. Reynolds - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Cherie M. Sedlock - Office of Academic Affairs
T. Diane Shovestull - Assoc VP & Controller
Andrea F. Snell - Psychology
Annette A. Souare - Law Library
Philip G. Thomson - Music
Karen M. Todaro - Psychology
Stephen C. Weeks - Biology
Angela M. Wilson - Physical Facilities
Susan D. Ackerman - Word Processing Ctr-Wayne
Philip A. Allen - Psychology
Alan S. Ambrisco - English
Dolores A. Awalt - Student Accounts/Bursar
David B. Baker - Psychology Archives
Matthew W. Beaven - Purchasing Department
Marcia C. Belcher - Engineering & Science Tech
Shawneen G. Bixler - Developmental Programs
Valerie A. Bloodsworth - Residence Life & Housing Off
Angela D. Brodie -Communication
Sandra K. Buckland - Fashion Merchandising
Linda K. Bussey - Hower House
Elaine L. Butcher - Geosciences
Joan E. Carletta - Engineering Dean's Office
Stephen Carmichael - Developmental Programs-Wayne
John J. Cheh - Accountancy
Jenise Laree Corron - Art
Rennae Cousineau - Assoc VP & Controller
Richmond L. Davis - CBA Dean's Office
DaNelle Marie Dent - Assoc VP & Controller

Carolyn L. Dessin - Law - Instruction

Anne Marie Dickens - Student Accounts/Bursar

Peggy L. Drennen - Application Systems Svs
Venkat Reddy Dudipala - Chemistry
Robert Joel Duff - Biology
Zarreen Farooqi - Business & Info Technology
Joseph Farwell - Physical Facilities
Barbara Ferrell - Office of Student Success
Dmitry Golovaty -Mathematics
Dale E. Gooding Jr. - University Police Department
Nancy J. Harris - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Marjorie K. Hartleben - Network & Comm Svs
Amy Marie Haynes - Business Office - Wayne
Miklos P. Janosi - Univ Comm & Marketing
Donna M. Jeffries - Assoc VP & Controller
Janete Orchanian Juliano - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Mary Anne Kaplan - Health Services
Galen S. Karriker - Music
Kathryn L. Kline - Department of Development
Ravi Krovi - CBA Dean's Office
Mary A. Lafferty - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Neal L'Amoreaux - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Marijane Leonard - Application Systems Svs
Michael J. Levin - History
Jaime M. Long - Physical Facilities
Gene F. Milford - Music
Perry M. Mueller - University Police Department
Warren Nobles - Physical Facilities
Crittenden John Ohlemacher - Polymer Science
Ramona Ortega-Liston - Public Admin & Urban Studies
Warren Prosser - Physical Facilities
Jennifer R. Redford - Student Financial Aid
Rose M. Resler - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Mary Schadle - Student Financial Aid
Elizabeth A. Schuett - Office of Athletics
Wendy L. Simon - Admissions
Tara Lee Smiley - Physical Facilities
Michele Bersani Stasitis - Admissions
David N. Steer - A&S Dean's Office
Kimberly A. Stone - Civil Engineering
Janet Elizabeth Thompson - Developmental Programs
Carol Michele Turner - Chemistry-Wayne
George H. Van Horne IV - Office of Athletics
Kathryn L Vasko - Student Financial Aid
Laura A. Vinnedge - Art
Todd A. Wagler - Chemistry
Heather L. Walter - Communication
Bojie Wang - Polymers Dean's Office
Charles C. Weigand - Physical Facilities
Susan M. White - Student Conduct & Comm Stand
Avril J. Wiebe - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Marie E. Zufall - UL Science & Technology
Eihab T. Abousena - Modern Languages
Lizette Royer Barton - Psychology Archives
Kimberly M. Bass - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Todd Alan Blackledge - Biology
Crystal M. Bledsoe - Admissions
James G. Bochkor - Student Rec & Wellness Srvs
Michelle Marie Boltz - Nutrition & Dietetics
Frank J. Bove - UL Electronic Services
Cynthia L. Branham - Physical Facilities
Anne F. Bruno - Student Life
Bonita G. Byrd - Health Professions Dean's Off
Richard A. Carmean - Instructional Services
Traci Lynn Carmony - Community Relations - Wayne
Judy A. Casserman - Talent Dev & Human Resources
Keren P. Childers - Talent Dev & Human Resources
Janice A. Cuddy - Social Work
Alfred W. Daviso III - Curr & Instr Studies
Erich G. Dominik - Accounting-Wayne
Sasa Dordevic - Physics
Erin E. Elosh - Office of Coop Coord-Engr
William C. Fiala - Allied Health Technology
Sabine Gerhardt - Child & Family Development
Suzanne M. Gradisher - Finance
Isiah Grant Jr. - Physical Facilities
Eric Green - Env & Occ Health & Safety
Johnnie A. Green - Physical Facilities
Tracey Lamont Harris - Physical Facilities
Christine L. Helffrich - Health Professions Dean's Off
Gordon Holly - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Theresa M. Homan - Physical Facilities
Carolyn R. Jentner - Art
Dwayne Keith Jones - Criminal Justice Studies
Gregory M. Julius - Applied General & Tech Studies
John R. Kelley - Application Systems Svs
Ruth A. Kelly - Physical Facilities
LaShawn D. Knuckles - University Dining Services
Stanley B. Kohn - Art
Jodi A. Krantz - University Police Department
Robert C. Kropff - Univ Comm & Marketing
Michael J. Kulick - Career Services
Patricia J. LaNasa - Music
Susan M. Lewis - Business & Office Tech-Wayne
Thomas Lodge - Engineering & Science Tech
John A. MacDonald III - Student Rec & Wellness Srvs
Linda S. Markley - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Daniel Wilson Martin - Physical Facilities
Melissa Kay McCollister - Social Work
Donna L. McDonald - Counseling & Testing Center
John Anthony Messina - Office of Student Success
Laura M. Miller-Francis - VP, Finance & Admin/CFO
Kristina K. Nakoneczny - Office of Student Success
Paula D. Neugebauer - Board of Trustees
Tho Truong Nguyen - Student Academic Success
Margo E. Ohlson - Performing Arts Hall
Darnell J. O'Neil - Physical Facilities
Ronald Otterstetter - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Cheryl L. Owen - Nursing
Christopher E. Painter - Student Rec & Wellness Srvs
William D. Palmeri - Physical Facilities
Robert L. Peralta - Sociology
Marilyn Perkowski - Nursing
Leonard J. Pizzute - Performing Arts Hall
Marlene Pryor - A&S Dean's Office
Kimberly C. Ramsey-Chin - Mathematics
Laura Richardson - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Samantha L. Rohrbough - Parking & Transportation Srvs
Bonita L. Schmidt - Performing Arts Hall
Eric M. Shaw - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Karen Siarkowski - Nursing
Michael A. Strong - Office of Student Success
David M. Szalay - Art
Becky L. Thomas - Social Work
Gloria A. Thomas - Physical Facilities
John A. Todd - Physical Facilities
Kumiko Tomita - Modern Languages
Esther R. Wain-Weiss - Mathematics
Katherine A. Waite - Nursing
Nick R. Weber - Student Rec & Wellness Srvs
Mark Michael Welfley - Accountancy
Shing-Chung Josh Wong - Mechanical Engineering
Yang Hyun Yun - Biomedical Engineering
Rita M. Abboud - Nutrition & Dietetics
Stavroula Androulakakis - Mathematics
Hamid R. Bahrami - Electrical & Computer Engr
Joyce M. Bajcar - Physical Facilities
Scott B. Bass - Application Systems Svs
Robert Battisson - Office of Athletics
Matthew L. Becker - Polymer Science
Joshua A. Boley - Engineering & Science Tech
Jeanine L. Booker - Health Professions Dean's Off
Avis Brown - Office of Academic Affairs
Theresa A. Butts -Business & Office Tech-Wayne
Dianne M. Capitena - Curr & Instr Studies
Charles H. Carlin - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Jeffrey W. Casey - Physical Facilities
Jennifer C. Collier - Art
Nikki A. Contos - Physical Facilities
Sandie L. Crawford - A&S Dean's Office
Lisa K. Crites - Social Work
Tanya J. Daniluk - Student Financial Aid
Terry Daugherty - CBA Dean's Office
Jessica DeFago - Office of Accessibility
Scott A. Dilling - Engineering & Science Tech
Stephne Edward Duirk - Civil Engineering
Cathy Faye - Psychology Archives
Tina E. Fiocca - A&S Dean's Office
David R. Flynn - Art
Joseph A. Foley - Nursing
Derrick K. Ford - Physical Facilities
Rachel M. Fowler - Student Success Center
Dana P. Frase - Modern Languages
Otto A. Gearhart - Applied General & Tech Studies
Thomas A. Gedeon - University Police Department
David Patrick Giffels - English
Jack R. Gillespie - Polymers Dean's Office
Eugenia Gorogianni - Anthropology & Classical St
Kathleen Ann Hebebrand - Nursing
Andrew K. Henry - Physical Facilities
Joyce Nichelle Hill - English
Shelley A. Houser - Curr & Instr Studies
Heather A. Howley - Communication - Wayne
Abraham Joy - Polymer Science
Judith A. Juvancic-Heltzel - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Dora L. Kallenborn - Academic Affairs - Wayne
Daniel E. Kandray - Engineering & Science Tech
Shelly M. Keller - Physical Facilities
Brian J. Kennell - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Anthony D. Knight - Physical Facilities
Ginny A. Knowlton - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Kristin L. Koskey - Educ Found & Leadership
Kristine N. Kraft - Allied Health Technology
Sophie Kus - A&S Dean's Office
Amelia R. Lane - Applied General & Tech Studies
James K. Lawrence - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Kye-Shin Lee - Electrical & Computer Engr
Mark T. Leffler - Office of Athletics
Nic D. Leipzig - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Alexander Lippisch - Art
Charles H. Long - Mathematics-Wayne
James D. Magyar - Technical Support Srvs - Wayne
Ajay Mohan Mahajan - Mechanical Engineering
John W. Mahusky - Physical Facilities
Susan A. Marks - Modern Languages
James T. McHugh - Political Science
Terry E. Meese - Child & Family Development
Kathy A. Miracle - Communication
Chelsea Monty-Bromer - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Gregory N. Morscher  - Mechanical Engineering
Carolyn J. Murrock - Nursing
Chadwick Lon Nelson - University Police Department
Chad E. Palmer - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Michelle L. Pittinger - English Language Institute
Robin Prichard - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Gloria A. Questel - Social Work
Leann Schaeffer - Nutrition & Dietetics
Sheri B. Schulte - Management
Elizabeth A. Shaver - Law - Instruction
Cynthia M. Simenc - Supervising Teachers
Sheri L. Simone - Management
Candace L. Smith - Office of Athletics
Jan M. Soinski - University Dining Services
Dominick Thomas Sorrent Jr. - Art
Yilmaz Sozer - Electrical & Computer Engr
Melissa Kay Stallard - Art
Susan C. Sternad - Assoc VP & Controller
Bryan H Stoynoff - Application Systems Svs
Linda Irene Stodtbeck - English
Nathaniel Su - Polymers Dean's Office
Robert P. Terry - Social Work
Daniel A. Thompson - Technical Support Srvs - Wayne
Shari L. Thorman - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Scotland R. Uhl - Instructional Services
Shawn R. Verde - Physical Facilities
Darcy A. Votaw - Physical Facilities
Shengyong Wang - Mechanical Engineering
Thomas S. Weckesser - Sport Sci & Well Educ Wayne
Barbara C. Weinzierl - Law Dean's Office
Matthew E. Weiss - Art
Donald Frederick Welch - A&S Dean's Office
Jason W. Westfall - Physical Facilities
Nancy E. Wolfe Dwyer - Office of Academic Affairs
Ge Zhang - Biomedical Engineering

Eric J. Amis - Polymer Science

Alysa A. Appeldorn - VP & General Counsel

Emily R. Aronson - The International Center

Ellen M. Baird - Associate Studies-Wayne

Michael J. Berg - Accounting-Wayne

Jill M. Bisco - Finance

Nathan M. Blackerby - Philosophy

Christopher J. Blaha - Music

Aliaksei Boika - Chemistry

Cathy A. Bongiovi - Athletic Media Relations

Maria A. Bozin - Women's Studies

Rebecca L. Brady - Office of Accessibility

Pamela Brandenstein - Institutional Research

Robyn K. Brown - The International Center

Tara M. Buchanan - Office of Athletics

Maria L. Bucoy-Calavan - Music

Beverly Bush - Application Systems Svs

John S. Catlos - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin

Catherine A. Chudakoff- Social Work

Lynn A. Clough - Health Professions Dean's Office

Antonio Colla - New Student Orientation

Jean Paul Colo - Central Stores

Dioswal PJ Cook - Office of Academic Affairs

Ger Coppinger - Office of Athletics

Susan F. Corl - Developmental Programs-Wayne

Lisa Craig - Univ Comm & Marketing

Treymaine Danzy - Acad Achievement Programs

Jonathan Dent - Student Rec & Wellness Srvs

Jennifer V. Deuble - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology

Gina Devito - Disaster Science & Emerg Svs

Dale Y. Dong - Art

Christopher L. Drabick - English

Jody R. Duecker - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Mark Durrand - Music

Diane Eames - Mathematics

Kurt D. Eckert - Information Technolgy Srvs

Kacie Ehinger - Office of Athletics

Dee A. Eisner - Nutrition & Dietetics

Andreas S. Ellis - Law Dean's Office

John M. Ellis - Social Work

Siamak Farhad - Mechanical Engineering

John R. Fellenstein - Polymers Dean's Office

Carla Jayne Ferrell - Mathematics

Andrew D. Feyes - Music

Patrick H. Gaughan - Law - Instruction

Franklin Gonzalez - Medina County Univ Center

Rozlyn Marie Grant - Curr & Instr Studies

N. Michael Griggs - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Rajeev Kumar Gupta - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr

Thomas C. Hanna - Office of Athletics

Angela Hartsock - Biology-Wayne

Sarah M. Harvan - Child & Family Development

Brittany Hayes - UL Electronic Services

Noreen Herlihy - Office of Athletics

Caleb W. Holyoke III - Geosciences

Megan Hopper - Department of Development

Matthew Clive Horn - English-Wayne

Andrew J. Hostetler - Capital Planning & Fac Mngt

Valerie A. Humphrey - Supervising Teachers

Elizabeth Johnson - Student Accounts/Bursar

Premala Tara Jones - Counseling & Testing Center

Robert G. Justine - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Manigandan Kannan - Mechanical Engineering

Heather Katafiasz - School of Counseling

James A. Keszenheimer - Biomedical Engineering

Nathan P. Kilker - Mathematics

Mallory S. Kobak - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Jin Kocsis - Electrical & Computer Engr

Thomas Jon Kolba Jr. - Office of Athletics

Gigi M. Kostoff - Supervising Teachers

Michael Levinstein - Health Professions Dean's Office

Chen Ling - Mechanical Engineering

Zhe Jerry Luo - Civil Engineering

Alec S. Lytton - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin

Gregory R. Magyar - Chemistry-Wayne

Erik S. Mathis - Office of Athletics

Melanie G. McCoskey - Accountancy

Dawn M. Mellinger - English

Brian Miller - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Ryan A. Miller - Social Work

Margaret Kate Murdoch-Warner - Curr & Instr Studies

Doron Narotzki - Accountancy

Changyun Nie - Application Systems Svs

Deborah A. Novak - Student Conduct & Comm Stand

Sharon R. Ostroski - Word Processing Ctr-Wayne

John Clay Owen - Art

Sean Palchick - Office of Athletics

Rikki A. Patton - School of Counseling

Reyna J. Perez - Multicultural Development

Alvin L. Perry - Engineering & Science Tech

Nicholas A. Petrella - Physical Facilities

Penelope Pinkston - Polymers Dean's Office

Barbara L. Pizzute - Department of Development

Marybeth Poder - English

David Prost - Physical Plant-Wayne

Beatriz Rangel-Studer - English Language Institute

Donora A. Rihn - English-Wayne

Lisa L. Ritenour - Health Services

Gary M. Rosen - Child & Family Development

Amanda K. Rura - Interior Design

John Joseph Rutter - Business & Info Technology

Shelley J. Sabistina - Nursing

Chris L. Sand-Ashley - School of Counseling

Jason Vincent Sanders - Department of Development

Jina Sang - Social Work

Brian M. Sapola - Nursing

Scott Scarborough - Accountancy

Leandra F. Schindler - Finance

Judith Shabaya - Business & Info Technology

Carrie L. Short - Student Financial Aid

Kristen Shuman - English

Gabor D. Smith - Communication

Kimberly A. Smith - Student Financial Aid

Leslie L. Smith - Supervising Teachers

Willa Ann Smith - Child & Family Development

Griffith Earl Stevens - Physical Facilities

Erin R. Stevic - Engineering Dean's Office

Jennifer E.W. Stiles - History

Sharon M. Swan - Elementary Education-Wayne

Kwek Tze Tan - Mechanical Engineering

David Hjortaas Tefteller - School of Counseling

James Thomka - Geosciences

Gretchen R. Tucker-See - School of Counseling

Margaret Tung - Music

Arnold S. Tunstall - Art

Ashley R. Wain - Biology-Wayne

Shao Wang - Mechanical Engineering

Austin Joseph Ward - Physical Facilities

Paula Watt - Polymers Dean's Office

Jennifer M. Wells - Student Financial Aid

Jessica A. Weyrick - Registrar

Lia Chervenak Wiley - Sociology

Matthew J. Wilson - Law - Instruction

William M. Yerman - Chemistry-Wayne

Qixin Zhou - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr

Feng Zou - Polymer Science