Employee Service Awards  


This year the event will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 3-5 p.m. on the fifth floor of InfoCision Stadium. The program will include brief remarks by President Wilson and presentation of certificates by the Deans and Vice Presidents to those reaching milestones of 20 years and up. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments and take photos with President Wilson and Zippy.


Below is a list of employees who have reached milestones between 5 and 50 years. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Spayd by phone at extension 6716 or by email at

Mary Jo MacCracken - Sport Science & Wellness Educ

Richard Mostardi - Biology

David L. Anderson - Engineering & Science Tech
Minel J. Braun - Mechanical Engineering
Joseph F. Ceccio - English
Thomas J. Stewart - Performing Arts Hall
Stephen E. Stimler - Physical Facilities
Robert L. Bunnell - Civil Engineering
Richard C. Cohen - Law - Instruction
Thomas L. Faessel - Residence Life & Housing Off
Eric W. Kreider - Univ Comm & Marketing
Thein Kyu - Polymer Engineering
Gregory A. Lewis - Electrical & Computer Engr
Chand Midha - Graduate School
Davis R. Miller - Physical Facilities
Kyle S. Passmore - Law Library
O. Dee Dee Pitts - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Nikola Resanovic - Music
Atef F. Saleeb - Civil Engineering
Barbara D. Shriner - Developmental Programs
Richard P. Steiner - Statistics
Mary F. Tohill - English-Wayne
Vlada Vukadinovic - Art
Darlene K. Walker - Registrar
John T. Ball - UL Archival Services
Wieslaw K. Binienda - Civil Engineering
Thomas G. Calderon - Accountancy
Julie Anne Carlson - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Debbie Casey - Law Dean's Office
Tammie L. Coontz - Physical Facilities
Kathryn M. Feltey - Sociology
Betty J. Folk - Health Professions Dean's Off
Patricia S. Ford - Student Accounts/Bursar
Dennis M. Gressock - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Lorie A. Hopp - Communication
Lisa A. Hunt - Student Success Center
Marcinda  Jackson - Polymer Engineering
Gwendolyn  Jones - Business & Info Technology
Heather M. Loughney - Faculty Senate
Juanita K. Martin - Counseling & Testing Center
Rebecca A. McDonald - Developmental Programs
Carolyn L. Mehl - Department of Development
Matthew S. Meier - Physical Facilities
Sherri L. Niesz - English Language Institute
Marjorie E. Parrish - Polymers Dean's Office
Virginia L. Smerglia - Sociology
Susan D. Speers - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
James C. Sperling - Political Science
Deborah G. Stone - Acad Achievement Programs
Andrew B. Stypinski - Philosophy
Julie A. Summy - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Mary C. Verstraete - Engineering Dean's Office
James M. Wallace - English
Gara P. Alderman - Engineering Dean's Office
Susan E. Baker - Statistics
Jibak Barua - Instructional Services
Robert M. Campbell Jr - Physical Facilities
Donald F. Canary - Health Professions Dean's Off
Valerie Cox - Nursing
Brett A. Draper - Office of Athletics
Deborah D. Fields - Assoc VP & Controller
Amy S. Gilliland - Resource Analysis & Budgeting
Stephen L. Harp - History
Marcel W. Harris - University Dining Services
Susan A. Hines - Biology
Carolyn J. Hofer - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Robert S. Kaman - Physical Facilities
Jack A. Loesch - Business & Office Tech-Wayne
Linda K. Malachin - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Leanne McNicholas - Registrar
Jason E. Mize - Physical Facilities
Denise K. Montanari - Office of Student Success
Natasha U. Musaelyan - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Jerry C. Obiekwe - Mathematics-Wayne
Lynne M. Pachnowski - Curr & Instr Studies
Lori J. Palmer - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Lauren A. Playl - Biology-Wayne
James R. Powell - Developmental Programs-Wayne
David J. Randall - Physical Facilities
Elizabeth Rhoades - English
Linda Marie Saliga - Mathematics
John J. Smith - Physical Facilities
Polly A. Stokes - Applied General & Tech Studies
Kevin Stutler - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
David M. Tokar - Psychology
Myra J. Weakland - CBA Dean's Office
Sylvia Elaine. White PhD - Communication
Paul J. Wright - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Jana M. Aaron - English
Deon J. Alexander - Physical Facilities
Edward D. Ange - Physical Facilities
Susan Ashby - UL Electronic Services
Cynthia L  Badran - Dance Institute
Brian M. Ballou - Engineering & Science Tech
Janet P. Bean - English
Carolyn Behrman - Exp Learn, Entr & Civ
Richard L. Bennett - Disaster Science & Emerg Svs
Nancy J. Blewitt - Student Financial Aid
Kathryn Marie Budd - Art
Stacey L. Buser - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Barbara A. Caillet - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Patricia Chapman - University Dining Services
Kathleen Diana Clark - Communication
Wendy A. Cundiff - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Enoch E. Damson - Business & Info Technology
Michael P. Dowdell - UL Electronic Services
David D. Ellis - Physical Facilities
Anthony D. Fawver - Printing Services
Kevin M. Feldt - Business & Info Technology
Christine C. Franz - Alumni Association
Joseph Gains - Communication
Kathleen D. Gallagher - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Michael P. Geimer - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Mary Jane Grebenc - Talent Dev & Human Resources
Ben A. Grossholz - Physical Facilities
Dorothy D. Gruich - Psychology Archives
Deborah Haren - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Jo Ann Harris - Applied General & Tech Studies
Pamela J. Helmick - University Police Department
Yu-Kuang Hu - Physics
Kenneth P. Hummel - Physical Facilities
Sadhan C. Jana - Polymer Engineering
Michelle E. Jenson - Registrar
Lori I. Kidd - Nursing
Mark S. Kline - Physical Facilities
Kelly M. Kotch - Registrar
Greg Landis - Admissions
Peter J. Lavrentyev - Biology
Lisa A. Lenhart - Curr & Instr Studies
Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann - Physics
Timothy Matney - Anthropology & Classical St
Valerie J. Mauck - Student Accounts/Bursar
Lucille A. McCalister - Assoc VP & Controller
Montreal U. McKinzie - Mailing Services
Christopher Q. Medvedeff - Office of Athletics
Susanne M. Meehan - Psychology-Wayne
Brian Moore - University Police - Wayne
Lisa A. Nagy - Library Administration-Wayne
Julia E. Oliver - A&S Dean's Office
Christine M. Poth - Applied General & Tech Studies
David Prochazka - UL Electronic Services
Luis Proenza - Office of Academic Affairs
Coleen Pugh - Polymer Science
Eric Ramsey - Physical Facilities
Rex D. Ramsier - Office of Academic Affairs
Rebekka Lynne Reusser - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Kymberly A. Rohrbach - History
Susan Ruhlin - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Ronald A. Runeric - Geosciences
Terrie L. Sampson - Department of Development
Dena L. Savage - University Police Department
Scott D. Sawyer - Mechanical Engineering
John A. Schantz - Music
Gary A. Schuller - Engineering & Science Tech
Jeffrey S. Shane - Engineering & Science Tech
Grace C. Shiao - Application Systems Svs
Karen B. Siffert - Mathematics-Wayne
David A. Smith - Physical Facilities
Melanie F. Smith-Farrell - UL Dean's Office
Jean L. Spangler - UA Solutions
Jeffrey H. Spencer - Biology
Julia A. Spiker - Communication
Cydney Spohn - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Simon M. Stakleff - Chemistry
Ronald Stephanoff - University Police Department
Bryan D. Taylor - University Police Department
Tracy A. Thomas - Law - Instruction
Amy L. Tresidder - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Mary E. Triece - Communication
Barbara J. Trotter - Communication
Guo-Xiang Wang - Mechanical Engineering
Kelly Webb Bronstrup - Applied General & Tech Studies
Curtis C. Wright - University Police - Wayne
Matthew Wyszynski - Modern Languages
John F. Zipp - Sociology
Brian D. Beckett - Physical Facilities
Jeanette Berger - Medina County Univ Center
Angela Bilia - English
Jason R. Bowling - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Nick Thomas Carlisle - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Meera Chatterjee - Geosciences
James R. Conner - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Jenise Laree Corron - Art
Clarence E. Crosby - Printing Services
Christopher C. Daniels - Mechanical Engineering
Maureen L. Davis - Law Dean's Office
Aimee L. DeChambeau - UL Dean's Office
Patricia L. Donovan - Performing Arts Hall
Elizabeth F. Douglas - Printing Services
Mark H. Duell - Developmental Programs

Antoinette CL  East-Jenkins - Acad Achievement Programs

Tracie J. Epner - Nursing
William D. Evans II - Disaster Science & Emerg Svs
Joan E. Finefrock - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
Patrick D. Fiocca - Parking & Transportation Srvs
William C. Fisher - Technical Support Srvs - Wayne
Richard S. Glotzer - Social Work
Ronald M. Greenwald - Business & Info Technology
John A. Gromofsky - Physical Facilities
Melinda Grove - Residence Life & Housing Off
George K. Haritos - Mechanical Engineering
Lynn S. Hartman - Office of Accessibility
Martha A. Hayes - Office of Athletics
Marcia A. Herbert - Physical Facilities
Mary Ellen Hinkle - VP, Finance & Admin/CFO
Durrell L. Hollis - Physical Facilities
Leona E. Horst - Biology-Wayne
Katie E. Iler - University Dining Services
Bernard Stephan Jesiolowski - Counseling
Thomas W. Johnson - Developmental Programs
Anthony C. Jones - Physical Facilities
David E. Jones - Physical Facilities
Scott S. Joseph - Admissions
Jodi L. Kearns - Psychology Archives
Dale Le'Aire Knox - Physical Facilities
Theodore Charles Lehr - Audio Visual Services
Jason W. Lenke - Physical Facilities
Roy E. Lipscomb - Physical Facilities
Stephanie P. Livengood - Library Administration-Wayne
Qingjun Lu - Student Academic Success
Raymond B. McCray Jr - Physical Facilities
Rodney A. McHood - Physical Facilities
Jamie L. McKinley - University Police Department
Lynn B. McKnight - Developmental Programs
Jason E. Miller - Polymers Dean's Office
Patricia L. Miller - Ctr Acad Advising & Stu Succ
Nathan J. Mortimer - VP, Finance & Admin/CFO
Natalie Laura Munas - Auxiliary Enterprises
Lance D. Nelson - Mathematics
Robert A. Neylon - Admissions
Stacey. Nofziger - Sociology
Joan L. Ogg - Health Professions Dean's Off
Lamont D. O'Neil - Physical Facilities
Jerone L. Palmer - Physical Facilities
David S. Parry - Medina County Univ Center
Heather N. Pollock - Anthropology & Classical St
Alex Povitsky - Mechanical Engineering
Joanne Thanos Priest - Parking & Transportation Srvs
Theresa A. Rabbitts - Wayne College Dean's Office
Dennis J. Ragins - Disaster Science & Emerg Svs
Pauline P. Reilly-Howe - Dance Institute
Thomas J. Rick - Physical Facilities
Mark W. Rittenour - Communication
Janice Roberts - University Police Department
Julie M. Roberts - Office of Athletics
Kimberly Rosenberger - Communication
Anthony S. Ross - Central Stores
Douglas A. Ruvolo - Statistics
Rachel N. Shafer - Physical Facilities
Shannon M. Skelton - Mechanical Engineering
Stanley H. Smith - Disaster Science & Emerg Svs
Gary E. Snyder - Business & Info Technology
Mark Robert Snyder-Schulte - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Ellen C. Stack - Registrar
Leigh Ann Sveda - Office of Accessibility
Michelle Teeling - English
Denise L. Testa - Medina County Univ Center
Andrew Robert Thomas - Marketing
Janet Elizabeth Thompson - Developmental Programs
David E. Tiller - Env & Occ Health & Safety
Marci L. Tomajko - Health Professions Dean's Off
Michael P. Tosko - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Patricia S. Vinyard - Anthropology & Classical St
Nora C. Wagner - Student Academic Success
James Wilding - Music
Kimberly D. Wise - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Michele I. Zelko - Nursing
Jiang John Zhe - Mechanical Engineering
Jay L. Adams - Electrical & Computer Engr
Anthony M. Anderson - Physical Facilities
Kristina A. Artino - Student Athlete Academic Srvs
Shannon F. Aupperle - Law - Instruction
William A. Barath - University Police Department
John W. Beckham - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Brett M. Bell - Civil Engineering
Martin H. Belsky - Law - Instruction
Stacia Elizabeth Biddle - Allied Health Technology
Mark A. Bloom - UL Archival Services
Valerie J. Boaz - Office of Research Admin
Laura D. Bohnert - Nursing
Cynthia L. Boll - Assoc VP & Controller
Beverly H. Brockett - Assoc VP & Controller
Fannie L. Brown - Applied General & Tech Studies
Christopher T. Buford - Philosophy
Deidre Ann Bullock - History
Scott M. Campbell - VP & General Counsel
Theodore J. Campbell II - Physical Facilities
Dominic Albert Cardarelli - Performing Arts Hall
Kevin A. Cavicchi - Polymers Dean's Office
John M. Chaplin - Philosophy
Kelli A. Chronister - Allied Health Technology
Paul Cieslinski - University Police Department
Denny C. Clutter - VP, Finance & Admin/CFO
Alan D. Coleman - University Police Department
Michael L  Collard - Computer Science
Anthony P. Colucci III - Williams Honors Col Dean's Off
Paula Ann Conger - Department of Development
Margaret Conrad - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Mary Elizabeth Cooke - Law Dean's Office
James P. Cossey - Mathematics
Anthony B. Craig - Mathematics
Sharon E. Crawford - Admissions
Bobbie L. Crawford Jr - Physical Facilities
Amelia E. Curry - Student Accounts/Bursar
Carolyn N. DeBord - New Student Orientation
Federico DeGregorio - Marketing
Leslie DelPrince - Dance Institute
Arthur L. Denham - Physical Facilities
Asoke K. Dey - Management
Joshua D. Dinger - Physical Facilities
Delbert W. Dyer - Physical Facilities
Anka J. Dzeba - Curr & Instr Studies
Julia A. Ericksen - Psychology-Wayne
Paul Facemire - Physical Facilities
Ovidio Dante Ferrara - Physical Facilities
Tonia P. Ferrell - Department of Development
Catherine A. Feudner - LBJ FF Education Dean's Office
Emily M. Fillmore - Talent Dev & Human Resources
Carrie L. Fister - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Jenni L. Fitzgerald - Bliss Institute
Emily R. Gainer - Psychology Archives
Theresa M. Ganter - Modern Languages
Nicholas Gordon Garafolo - Mechanical Engineering
James P. Gilbride - University Police Department
John W. Goodell - Finance
Christine H. Graor - Nursing
Karen L. Greene - Graduate School
Peter S. Guiler - History
Diana L. Harr - Physical Facilities
Lisa A. Hart - Nursing
Jodi A. Henderson-Ross - Sociology-Wayne
Diane M. Hergenrather - Assoc VP & Controller
Gary A. Hetson - Physical Facilities
James N. Hilliard - UL Archival Services
William B. Holland Jr - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Lori A. Horton - Purchasing Department
Todd Robert Hough - University Police Department
Douglas G  Hubert - Business & Info Technology
Kerry A. Jackson - University Police Department
Melissa B. Jackson - Office of Athletics
Jermaine D. James - Physical Facilities
Dawn M. Johnson - Psychology
Kenneth R. Johnson - Physical Facilities
Adrienne N. Jones - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Lorans R. Jones - Business & Info Technology
Kevin L. Kabellar - University Police Department
Paul Kantorowski - University Police Department
Kenneth E. Karr - Physical Facilities
Michael J. Karson - Physical Facilities
Jodi B. Kest - Office of Athletics
Gayle A. King - Student Academic Success
Gary F. Knapp - Acad Achievement Programs
Anthony D. Knight - Physical Facilities
David A. Koch - Physical Facilities
Lawrence J. Kouri - University Police Department
Kenneth W. Kugler Jr - Physical Facilities
Sophie Kus - A&S Dean's Office
Lee LaBadie - Office of Athletics
Wendy J. Lampner - Instructional Services
James M. Langrell - Physical Facilities
James K. Lawrence - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Lisa A. Lazar - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Seungbum Lee - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Paula B. Levin - History
Marianna Lijoi - Supervising Teachers
Katherine M. Logsdon - Counseling
Francis Loth - Mechanical Engineering
Lynn Lucas - Institutional Research
Nidaa Makki - Curr & Instr Studies
Janice L. Mather - Mechanical Engineering
Ralph T. Mayes - University Police Department
William T. Mayhew - Engineering & Science Tech
James Paul McGuire - Communication
Janet L. Mealy - Talent Dev & Human Resources
Jill Marie Merz - Child & Family Development
Andrew E. Milks - Engineering & Science Tech
Edward W. Miller - Physical Facilities
Debmalya Mukherjee - Management
Ruth N. Nine-Duff - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Shannon D. Osorio - Modern Languages
Terrence M. O'Sullivan - Political Science
Miguel A. Pacheco - Physical Facilities
Brenda L. Papoi - CBA Dean's Office
Alan D. Parker - Purchasing Department
Frank J. Perez - Physical Facilities
Matthias S. Perry - Physical Facilities
Kirstin E. Polen de Campi - Modern Languages
Jeffrey C. Pollitt - Physical Facilities
Bruce L. Raber - Physical Plant-Wayne
Ashley L. Ramer - Biology
Brenda Reichert - Communication
Vito Restaino Jr - Application Systems Svs
Christen H. Rinehart - Business & Info Technology
William J. Rinehart - Physical Facilities
Elena I. Rinella - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Stephen E. Risaliti - Business & Info Technology
Benjamin M. Rochester - Coll of Appl Sci & Tech Dean's
Christie Ann Rodgers - Assoc VP & Controller
Mary E. Rossett - Office of Academic Affairs
David Thomas. Rubens - Student Services Adm-Wayne
Joann Marie Sahl - Law - Instruction
Jeffery M. Samaco - University Police Department
Anthony J. Samangy - Art
Kelli R. Sanford-Burgoon - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Valerie A. Schneider - University Police Department
Michael. Schuldiner - English
Carol J. Scotto - Nursing
Jeanne M. Semilia - Biology
John M. Senko - Geosciences
Jon D. Shearer - Mathematics
Michael M. Sheng - History
Kip A. Shipley - Engineering & Science Tech
Robert Dean Shultz - Admissions
Bradley L. Smith - Business & Info Technology
Aaron M. Smith - English
Maura E. Smith - Application Systems Svs
Christine M. Smith - Parking & Transportation Srvs
Craig E. Sopko - Physical Facilities
Suzette L. Speight - Psychology
Clinton R. Stemple - Physical Facilities
Shaddrick A. Stinson - Office of Academic Affairs
Kendra N. Strickland - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Richard R. Strong - Law - Instruction
Ryan D. Taylor - Assoc VP & Controller
Timothy N. Terrell - Physical Facilities
Lee A. Thibodeaux - Geosciences
Michele D. Thornton - Social Work
Carrie A. Tomko - Williams Honors Col Dean's Off
Victor F. Trusky Jr - Physical Facilities
I-Chun Tsai - Educ Found & Leadership
Sue L. Tully - CBA Dean's Office
Charles C. Van Tilburg - Hardware & Oper Sys Svs
Esther R. Wain-Weiss - Mathematics
Jennifer L. Warren - Nutrition & Dietetics
Christine A. Webb - University Police Department
Ingrid K. Weigold - Psychology
Barbara C. Weinzierl - Office of the President
Rena M. Wells - Student Financial Aid
Kathleen J. Wells-Goodwin - Supervising Teachers
Gregory S. Westbrook - University Police Department
Naomi C. White - Social Work
Julie Whitmore - Interior Design
Craig Wise - Engineering & Science Tech
Rose M. Withem - UA Solutions
Juan Xi - Sociology
Deborah M. Yasutake - Music
Cheryl A. Zaber - Admissions
Brandi L  Adamic - Speech-Lang Path & Audiology
James Albrecht - Music
John JA  Alvarez Turner - Incl & Equity/Chief Diversity
Rouzbeh Amini - Biomedical Engineering
Lisa A. Amoroso-Johnson - Counseling & Testing Center
Devon PE  Anderson - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Alysa A. Appeldorn - VP & General Counsel
Gloria Argenti Hobor - Curr & Instr Studies
Rebecca A. Bidinotto - Nursing
David A. Bird - Registrar
Bryan L. Blaine - Mathematics-Wayne
Kevin E. Bliler - Management
Philathia Bolton - English
Amanda K. Booher - English
Jennifer L  Bozeka - Curr & Instr Studies
Heather L. Braun - English
Ernest R. Brubaker - Mailing Services
Kathryn A. Bruno - Nursing
Laura L. Carey - Career Services
Amira D. Carswell - Acad Achievement Programs
John S. Catlos - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Leonard Chappel - Office of Athletics
Kristin M. Clites - Sport Science & Wellness Educ
Hongbo Cong - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Willis S. Crissey Jr - Computer Science
Jennifer J. Crowley - Office of Accessibility
Wanda L. Csaky - Nursing
Lillian V. Denning - Business & Info Technology
Christopher D. Dillard - English
Vanja Djuric - Marketing
Kathryn K. Dodson - Biology-Wayne
Yalin Dong - Mechanical Engineering
Christopher L. Drabick - English
Danny J. Durst - Dance, Theatre & Arts Admin
Stephen O. Dyer - English
Kellie S. Evans - Communication
Siamak Farhad - Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Farrar - CBA Dean's Office
Maria Felicelli - Modern Languages
Sergio Felicelli - Mechanical Engineering
John Fink - Developmental Programs-Wayne
Thomas Andrew Fleming - Art
Beate Gersch - UL Research & Learning Srvs
Matthew Robert Gildersleeve - Office of Athletics
Roya Gitiafroz - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Scott David Gold - Engineering Technology-Wayne
Franklin Gonzalez - Medina County Univ Center
Janet E. Hanna - Supervising Teachers
David Alan Harris - Registrar
Angela Hartsock - Biology-Wayne
Claudia A  Hoskins - Nursing
Adrienne L. Janke - Art
Courtney A. Johnson-Benson - Admissions
Julianne B  Jones - Accountancy
Laura M. Kidd Puhalla - Social Work
Michael Konopka - Chemistry
Joanne Lehman - English-Wayne
Yvette L. Lester - Applied General & Tech Studies
Joanne Li - Chemistry
Yang Liu - Biomedical Engineering
Laurel J. Lohrey - Polymers Dean's Office
Laura Maher - Interior Design
Gina M. Martino - History
Stephanie McElfresh - Assoc VP & Controller
Dan Minnich - Univ Comm & Marketing
Lawrence L. Moses - Geosciences-Wayne
Otis Stacey Mounds - Office of Athletics
Ian G. Muhlhauser - Philosophy-Wayne
Gopal R. Nadkarni - Mechanical Engineering
Thomas C. Neal - Modern Languages
Bryan E. Nichols - Music
Zhorro Nikolov - Polymers Dean's Office
Brandi L. Noll - Curr & Instr Studies
Oghenetoja Okoh - History
Margaret J. Oliver - Curr & Instr Studies
Sharon R. Ostroski - Word Processing Ctr-Wayne
Delila Owens - Counseling
Alex Parker - Office of Athletics
David G. Payne - Marketing
Nicholas A. Petrella - Physical Facilities
Charles Piscitello - Sociology-Wayne
James A. Quinn - English
Nancy Reeves - Law Dean's Office
Preston James Reid - Office of Athletics
Jordan M. Renna - Biology
Rossitza L. Renna - Communication
Lisa L. Ritenour - Health Services
Isa Rodriguez-Soto - Anthropology & Classical St
Lisa Sabol - Department of Development
Jina Sang - Social Work
Raymond W. Sarvis - English
Ronald Shabaya - Business & Info Technology
Steven P. Sherry - Biology-Wayne
John N. Shuman - Engineering & Science Tech
Yuki Fujiwara Sigler - Modern Languages
Christopher L. Smith - Business & Office Tech-Wayne
Jeremy M. Spencer - Geosciences
Andrew N. Sutton - Computer Science
Junliang Tao - Civil Engineering
Lianghu Tian - Computer Science
Ryan Christopher Toonen - Electrical & Computer Engr
Garrison W. Ure - Accountancy
Diana L. Vanwinkle - Applied General & Tech Studies
Amanda Weinstein - Economics
Gail A. Weisend - Social Work
Anne E. Wiley - Biology
Deborah A. Wilson - Mathematics-Wayne
Mark E. Woods - Sociology-Wayne
Chang Ye - Mechanical Engineering
Sue Ann Yelanjian - Music
Nicole Zacharia - Polymer Engineering
Jiahua Zhu - Chemical & Biomolecular Engr