Transfer students

A law student who has completed not more nor less than one year at an ABA-accredited law school and is in good academic standing may apply to be admitted as a transfer student. The University of Akron School of Law will not transfer in more than 29 semester hours of credit from another ABA-accredited law school. Akron Law does not have an articulation agreement with another ABA accredited law school for transfer credits.

Transfer applications for the fall semester are usually received in May through August. Transfer applications for the spring and summer semesters are also accepted; generally speaking, applicants should apply approximately six weeks before the start of the desired term.

Admission decisions are made shortly after the required application materials (especially transcripts) are received. Admission decisions are primarily based on law school grades, undergraduate GPA, LSAT score, and availability of space.

Students admitted with advanced standing usually receive full transfer credit for traditional first year courses. However, Akron law faculty would need evaluated syllabi to determine whether the courses adequately covered the subject areas in question. If coverage is not adequate, a transfer student would need to attend part or all of one of our required courses to provide for full coverage of subject matter potentially tested on the bar exam. As to first-year courses at other schools that do not appear in the Akron first year curriculum, we would evaluate those courses on a case-by-case basis.

Before your application for transfer admission can be considered, the following items must be received:

  • A completed application form.
  • A cover letter explaining reasons for seeking transfer to The University of Akron School of Law (2 pages or less, typed, double-spaced).
  • An LSDAS Report (visit or call 215.968.1001 to pay any necessary fees and request additional LSDAS reports.
  • A letter from the dean, registrar, dean of students, or other appropriate law school official indicating your current class ranking, that you are in good academic standing, and that you are eligible to return for further instruction.
  • An official, original law school transcript showing all grades earned through the semester leading up to your transfer to Akron.

See our transfer policies

If you are admitted as a transfer student, we will require a detailed syllabus and/or outline for each course completed in order to determine which credits will transfer. You may wish to compile this information soon after you apply in the event that you are admitted. Credit given for prior law school work will be determined by the Associate Dean or Assistant Dean in conjunction with law faculty of the School of Law.

Please contact the Admissions Office at 800.4.AKRON.U (800.425.7668) or if you have any questions.

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