The Association of American Law Schools maintains these pages to facilitate the Faculty Recruiting Conference, at which entry-level candidates meet with law school appointments committees each fall. An older, but still relevant, article providing advice on legal teaching is also included.
The Institute for Law School Teaching is a center at Gonzaga University School of Law that focuses on the teaching, as opposed to scholarship, aspect of legal education. While there are no “nuts and bolts” tips on getting a faculty position. This is an interesting site as it highlights the classroom side of legal education.
Professor Brad Wendel at Washington and Lee University School of Law covers the nuts and bolts of pursuing tenure-track positions and discusses clinical, adjunct and legal writing positions as well.
NALP is a nonprofit educational association established to meet the needs of all participants in the legal employment process (career planning, recruitment and hiring, and professional development of law students and lawyers) for information, coordination and standards. NALP’s membership includes virtually every ABA-approved law school in the US, Canadian law schools and hundreds of legal employers from both the public and private sectors. NALP is dedicated to continuously improving career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and the professional development of law students, lawyers, and its members.