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Why is Akron Law so unique among law schools? More than anything, we invest in your success. Because law school is such a unique and challenging experience, Akron Law offers one of the most developed and complete academic support programs (ASP) in the country. We also invest in your future by providing specialized assistance.

From the moment you select Akron Law, our staff begins the process of ensuring that you have all of the resources necessary to succeed.

Our academic success programs

Before you even matriculate, you will take our mandatory Fundamentals of Lawyering course. This 24-hour series of workshops will ensure that you know what to expect during law school and what is necessary to succeed. Available to every incoming student, the workshops are offered at no cost. They focus on tackling the unique challenges of reading case law and understanding statutory law. They also help you learn to reason legally, synthesize rules, and write for a legal audience.

All Akron Law students pursuing a J.D. have access to BARBRI’s extensive bar review content. And you will be able to take BARBRI’s renowned bar review course after graduation. All of this will come at no additional cost to students (other than a $250 refundable deposit and $30 shipping fee for BARBRI course materials).

Further, we offer individualized guidance on how to brief cases, write outlines, answer exam questions (including feedback on your answers), study efficiently, manage your time, and the myriad of other skills necessary to succeed. We will even offer individual assessment of your strengths and weaknesses so that you may effectively and efficiently tailor your learning processes.

In conjunction with these individual opportunities, ASP also offers workshops that address critical topics. Because these workshops correlate with the timing of assignments in your courses, they provide you the support required to maximize your effectiveness. These workshops include (as exams approach) simulated exam experiences, as well, in an effort to lessen the tension you may encounter when taking your exams.

Each first-year doctrinal class also includes weekly group study sessions. Our ASP Fellows (upper-division law students) lead these weekly group sessions. Our ASP Fellows know your professors and tailor these sessions to each course. They also hold office hours in case you need some one-on-one time with them.

Finally, we also offer the ASP Resource Library. This Library (located on the second floor of the law school in Room 217) is replete with virtually every form of study aid and supplemental resource you can imagine. It includes treatises, hornbooks, and volume after volume of hypothetical problems and answers. Multiple copies of each mean that you will have access when you most need it. Also, with your complimentary student subscription to CALI, Westlaw and Lexis, you will have 24x7 access to many of the same resources. This is support when you need it most!

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Our Bar Exam Support Programs are designed to provide you support before you need it most.

We offer a host of bar examination resources. Not only do we offer a preparatory class for those wishing to master bar exam techniques before taking a bar review course, we offer unlimited individual feedback on your practice answers as well. This feedback will assess your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you guidance on how the bar examiners would likely assess the quality of your answers.

We also invest in your success as a future professional. In addition to the educational training we provide, we support all of our graduates with the BARBRI bar review course, at no additional charge.

Akron Law’s Bar Support Programs include workshops on how to effectively write essay and MPT answers, and how best to approach the MBE. These workshops are free to our students. Even after you have graduated, you may submit sample answers for feedback.

Finally, for those taking the Ohio Bar Exam, we field a support team that travels to the exam to be there when you need us most. We provide emotional and tactical support on site to ease the exam process. And when you have questions or needs, we do all that we can to find the answers.

As you can see, academic success is a mission we take seriously. Your success is as important to us as it is to you. So join us and take advantage of all we offer.

The team committed to your success

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