School of Law

Fall Semester 2013
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 19, 2013

9200:616-001 Torts

Req: Dobbs, Torts and Compensation - Personal Accountability for Injury Concise Edition, 7th ed., West
Law #9780314278593



A. Reading Torts Cases and Trial Procedure: pp. 19-26 (assignment one for the first week of classes).


A. Direct Intentional Wrongs:

1. Establishing a Claim for Intentional Tort to Person or Property:

a. Battery: pp. 8-11, 27-34 (assignment one for the first week of classes).

(i). Requiring Fault:

• Van Camp v. McAfoos, p. 8

(i). Elements of Battery:

• Snyder v. Turk, p. 30
• Cohen v. Smith, p. 30
• Fisher v. Carousel Motor Hotel, p. 33 (see squib case in note

Please note: Pages that constitute assignment blocks are in bold and italics. All notes within the prescribed pages are included in the assignment. The cases that will be covered in class are listed above.


** Before the first day of class, pick up your Student Course Handouts from the DocuZip copy center located on the second floor of the Student Union and read pp. 1- 5 of the Syllabus which explains classroom expectations. ** Call first to be sure it is ready for pick-up (

9200:646-001 Health Law I

Req: Furrow, Law and Health Care Quality, Patient Safety and Medical Liability, 7th ed., West,
9780314279903 (BT)

Req: Furrow, et al., Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, 7th ed., West, 9780314265098**(MT)


I. Defining, Evaluating and Distributing Health Care: An Introduction

A. Defining Sickness: Break-out Text (BT) pp. 1- 20; Main Text (MT) pp. 1-27.

1. Katskee v. Blue Cross, BT p. 3, MT p. 17. Pay special attention to answering the reading questions below in preparing for class. Please type out the answers to these questions and turn them in at the start of class. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself to use in class.

2. Problem: “The Couple’s Illness,” BT p. 10, MT p. 26. Be prepared to discuss this problem. Use the answers to the questions below to help you analyze this problem.

3. Skills Training Exercise #1: "How to Analyze an Insurance Coverage Dispute Using the Katskee Case." We will be doing this exercise in class.

Katskee: Reading Questions (Please answer and bring to class)

1. What kind of services will a health insurance policy pay for as a general matter?

2. What are conditions that are deemed to be an "illness" within the meaning of the policy?

3. What role does "intent of the parties" play in deciding what is an "illness"?

4. What are the basic rules of contract construction and how do they play in Katskee? (List the rules of contract construction contained in the reading).

5. Was the term "illness" in Katskee found to be ambiguous?

6. How did the court define "illness"?

7. What is a "normal" condition and what is a "deviation" from normal?

8. How does the Silverstien case cited in Katskee help the analysis?

9. When is the "sick role" appropriate in our society?

10. What benefits and protects does our society offer to those we label as "sick"?


**Health Law: Cases and Materials and Problems, 7th ed., West 9780314265098 is required for the students who are enrolling/have enrolled in the Health Law Certificate Program.

[1] For those in the Health Law Certificate Program, 4 of the 5 required courses will use Furrow, Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, 7th edition (ISBN: 9780314265098) (MT). For those who will only be taking one or two HL courses, purchasing the break-out book will be the lower cost option, for this course this is Furrow, Health Care Quality, Patient Safety, and Medical Liability, 7th (ISBN 9780314279903)(BT).

[1] All abstracted cases and all texts and notes within the prescribed pages are included in the assignment unless specifically excluded.

9200:646-001 Health Law

Req: TBA