School of Law

Fall Semester 2014
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 18, 2014

9200:622-001 Carro ACJ

Req: Johnson, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, 4th ed., West #9780314256607
Req: 2008 Supplement on Reserve**


Read Overview of Criminal Justice System (on Springboard) and Introduction to ACJ.
Complete Assignment for Class 1:
- Read Chapter 11, p. 668-709 (Grand Jury and Accusatorial System)


**Be sure to read any updates in the Supplement for the appropriate class reading**
Where there are cited United States Supreme Court cases, read the syllabus for each case, at a minimum. I will also place these cases on reserve, and where possible on Springboard. Cases that are not provided on Springboard can be obtained at the United States Supreme Court website.