Akron Law Gives Thanks


"I am thankful for our outstanding students and alumni who are the tradition of the amazing legacy that is Akron Law." - Margaret Andreeff Matejkovic, Associate Dean for External Programs

"I am grateful for the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice of the American Bar Association, through which I meet the most intelligent, exciting, and challenging administrative law experts in the country and am able to contribute to the continuing development of administrative law, which affects everyone in  more ways than we can know." - Professor Bill Jordan, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

"I am thankful for my students, from whom I learn so much." - Professor Steve Cook

"I am thankful for our students. They inspire me and give me hope for the future of the country." - Professor Richard Aynes, Director of the Akron Law Constitutional Law Center

"I am thankful that, in a time of economic unrest, I not only have a job, but I get to work with excellent colleagues and students." - Anthony Colucci, College Program Specialist

"I’m thankful for the idealism of the democratic rule of law." - Professor Alan Newman

"I am thankful for the opportunity to help so many others by helping to train the lawyers who will serve them -- what a blessing it is to have a role in helping to bring about peaceful resolutions of problems and assuring that  people's rights are protected." - Professor Marge Koosed

"I am thankful for the opportunity to work with other faculty and staff in training many able students to make a positive contribution to individual and community welfare through their legal education." - Professor Paul Richert, Law Librarian

"I am grateful for the support and friendship of such wonderful colleagues, students and Akron Law alums." - Barbara Weinzierl, Director, Career Planning and Placement Office

"I am thankful for everything I have gotten from attending the University of Akron School of Law -my profession, my position here, my wife(whom I met while in law school) and my children, who are the product of that marriage." - Professor J. Dean Carro, Director, Akron Law Legal Clinic

"I am grateful for the opportunity to teach students, provide service to the law school and my community, and to research and write in areas in which I have an interest." - Professor Willa Gibson