Wright, W. Richard

Range: 1963 - 1966 Size: 4 cubic feet Record Group:

Regarding the Ohio Youth Services Advisory Board (chaired by Wright), includes: governing documents, minutes of board meetings, correspondence, inspection reports and recommendations, news releases, pamphlets, photograph albums, scrapbook, and oral history phonotapes of W. Richard Wright.

West Side Neighbors

Range: 1967 - 1973 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group:

Minutes, newsletters, correspondence, committee records, publications, and news clippings of a west Akron neighborhood organization seeking to maintain a stable, integrated community.

United Community Council of Summit County

Range: 1941 - 1975 Size: 3.0 Record Group: 99/91

The United Community Council (UCC) of Summit County was a non-profit organization that represented public and voluntary health, welfare, group-work, and recreation agencies and organizations.  Its job was to create plans to meet problems in these areas and to mobilize citizens’ support in favor of these projects.  These records document the history of the UCC including its origins, functions, objectives, organization, operation and programs.  The records mostly include meeting minutes, studies, and publications.  The materials would be important in the study of the development of service organizations and the manner in which they operate in the Akron/Summit County area.

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Progress Through Preservation (PTP)

Range: 1984 - 1995 Size: 1.5 cubic feet Record Group:

Records of an Akron non-profit organization devoted to preservation of the city's historic architecture, includes: organizational documents, trustee meeting minutes, newsletters, correspondence, program records, and mailing lists.

McGovern, Frances

Range: 1966 - 1974 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group: 99/176

The Frances McGovern Collection consists primarily of material relating to her activities with the Akron Area Chamber of Commerce Committee on Urban Services, the Little Hoover Commission, and the Summit County Charter Commission. Materials include reports, correspondence, notes, and information on the Summit County Charter commission. Also included are books and pamphlets.

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Kiwanis Club of Akron

Range: 1916 - 1990 Size: 25 cubic feet Record Group: 99/108

Many of the Kiwanis Club activities focused around civil service and patriotic objectives. Materials relate to the club's history, its organization, financial information, membership, activities, and relationships to other organizations.

Family Services of Summit County Records

Range: 1912 - 1980 Size: 12 cubic feet Record Group: $content.recordGroup

The Summit County Department of Family Services (now the Department of Job and Family Services) serves the people of Summit County, Ohio by providing social, financial, medical, and career-development services to better the lives of the members of the community. The records contain scrapbooks, annual reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, and publications.  The records also include materials relating to the Dorcas Society, early Family Service achievements, and the Board of Volunteers. 

Fair Housing Contact Service

Range: 1965 - 1994 Size: 70 cubic feet Record Group:

Minutes, correspondence, organization reports, membership and program information, newsletters, and news clippings of an Akron organization formed to combat housing discrimination. Also research notes and draft manuscript for Juliet Saltman's, Open Housing as a Social Movement.

Cuyahoga Valley Collection

Range: 1972 - 1978 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

Publications and miscellanea regarding the Cuyahoga Valley, particularly the Cuyahoga Valley Park Federation and the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area.

Community Welfare Forum of Summit County

Range: 1921 - 1993 Size: 1.0 Record Group: 99/163

The Community Welfare Forum of Summit County was founded in 1918 as the Social Workers Club of Summit County.  Since its inception, the organization has met monthly for a business meeting, luncheon, and presentation relating to social work.  The records consist of constitutions, correspondence, reports, programs, bulletins, minutes, advertisements, newspaper clippings, financial records, notes, questionnaires, ballots, calendars, and committee, speaker’s, and membership lists dating from 1921 to 1993.

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Citizens for a County Charter

Range: 1979 - 1979 Size: 0.33 cubic feet Record Group: 99/143

The papers of the Citizens for a County Charter Committee include materials pertaining to various aspects of the 1979 campaign for the adoption of a Summit County Charter. Collection includes proposal, publicity, campaign plans, and correspondence.

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Bock, Fred C.

Range: 1928 - 1996 Size: 10 cubic feet Record Group:

Papers contain materials belonging to and created by Fred C. Bock, an Akron radio broadcaster, personality, and advertising agent. Included are material from his radio career at WADC and his work as an advertising executive. Also included are papers from the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, of which Bock was a founding member, as well as papers from his career as a student at the University of Akron. Typescripts of Bock's radio programs House of the Lord and As They Like It are also present. The collection contains mostly printed material, but also includes photographs and phonodisc sound recordings

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Bluhm, Eileen E. Scrapbook

Range: 1981 - 2005 Size: 0.13 Record Group:

Eileen Bluhm was the Vice President of Communications at the Akron Regional Development Board from 1975 to 1995 and was considered one of Akron’s “chief civic boosters.”  She was involved in a number of local organizations including the Ohio Ballet, Akron Zoo, and the Akron Art Museum, to name  a few.  She was also a supporter of education and women’s rights. The scrapbook contains photographs, articles, awards, and newspaper clippings that document her life and work in the Akron area.

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Blair, Charles V.

Range: 1964 - 1973 Size: 4.0 Record Group: 99/94

Charles V. Blair was an active member of the Akron community who served in a variety of roles including professor, dean, and assistant to the president at The University of Akron from 1959 to 1974.  His papers consist of correspondence, minutes, financial statements, project proposals, progress reports, and clippings documenting the Summit County-Greater-Akron Community Action Council, the Akron-Summit Tutorial Program, and Upward Bound.

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Bath Volunteers for Service

Range: 1958 - 2013 Size: 14 Record Group: 99/179

Bath Volunteers for Service was founded in 1958 by the residents of Bath Township, Ohio. The charitable organization works to serve the community through fundraising and financial donation to the local school system, local businesses, and local recreation centers.

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Area Progress Board Records

Range: 1936 - 1974 Size: 9 cubic feet Record Group: 99/107

The Area Progress Board was formed in 1968 as a merger between the Area Develop Committee and the Citizens for Progress to promote the industrial and civic development of the Akron area. The Area Progress Board participates in urban renewal projects, city planning, highway development, and other programs which advance the economic growth of the area. The records contain meeting minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, reports, and subject files of the board and its predecessors including the Citizens Postwar Planning Committee, the Area Development Committee, Citizens for Progress, and the Greater Akron Association.

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American Friends Service Committee Records

Range: 1970 - 2006 Size: 12.33 cubic feet Record Group: 99/157

Documents and literature produced or gathered during peace education work.  Also includes audiotapes of radio programming.

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American Civil Liberties Union

Range: 1950 - 1970 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection contains a variety of documentation about the ACLU, the Ohio Civil Liberties Union, and the Akron Area Civil Liberties Union. Materials include the Articles of OCLU organization, newsletters, correspondence, minutes, newspaper clippings, information about membership and miscellaneous materials.

Akron and Summit County Federation of Women's Clubs

Range: 1894 - 2010 Size: 7.0 Record Group: 99/93

The Akron and Summit County Federation of Women’s Clubs was organized in 1893 and united with the Ohio State Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1917.  The group raised money for charity, hosted guest speakers, awarded scholarships, worked on various community-related projects, and lobbied for political reform.  The records include notebooks, directories, scrapbooks, newsletters and subjects files.

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