Voris, Alvin Coe

Range: 1860 - 1865 Size: .75 Record Group: 99/140

The Alvin Coe Voris letters consists of correspondence from Voris to his wife, Lydia Allyn Voris throughout the course of the Civil War. The letters include his correspondence from Columbus when he was attending sessions of the Ohio Legislature from January 5, 1860 to May 5, 1860. In them he speculates about future events and if war can be avoided. With the call for volunteers Voris began his military career. His letters home relate his experiences as a soldier and officer in the Union Army.  View the Voris letters here.

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Vallen, George D.

Range: 1916 - 2013 Size: 1.25 Record Group: 99/173

The papers of George Dales Vallen Senior document George’s experiences during World War I.  His diary and correspondence covers the nine months before his enlistment, his time in the American Expeditionary Forces until he returned home on April 13, 1919.  Also included is a biography of George’s life written by his grandson in 2013, a picture of George in uniform, a picture of Company “F”, Company “F” rosters, maps of United State and German Division movements during WWI, photos of the 73rd Brigade of the 37th Division, a diary that had belonged to H.G. Lafferty a friend of George’s, correspondence between Charles Ustine and The American Battle Monument Commission, Mexican Border Patrol photographs and a two volume set on the history of the 37th Division during WWI.  Researchers interested in the experience of an enlisted man during the Great War or the war in general would find this collection useful.   To view the Letters and Diaries.

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Sylvia Smith Archives of Smith Publications & Sonic Arts Editions

Range: 1930s - 2000s Size: 30 cubic feet Record Group:

The archive consists of materials relating to publications of New Music by Smith Publications. Includes correspondence with composers, manuscripts and scores, phonotapes, compact discs, videotapes of performances, and publications by and about composers.

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Polsley, John J.

Range: 1839 - 1948 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 99/136

Lieutenant Colonel John J. Polsley served in the American Civil War in the 8th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, which later became the 7th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry. Polsley was captured in 1863 and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. The papers primarily contain correspondence to his wife, Ellen (Nelly) S. Donnally Polsley. He wrote of camp life and battles as well as his thoughts on war. Also included are letters to his father, Judge Daniel H. Polsley.

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Oral History of the Crime Victim Assistance Field

Range: 2002 - 2002 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group:

Includes video taped interviews with more than fifty of the fields' pioneers who made significant contributions to the progress and evolution of the crime victims' field.

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Oenslager, George

Range: 1850 - 1972 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection contains correspondence, financial records, photographs, biographical information, travel memorabilia, chemistry notes, manuals and equipment, and United States patents (held by Oenslager and later the BF Goodrich Company). The contents document Oenslager's personal life, as well as his discoveries in the field of chemistry. A secondary collection consists of personal correspondence written to and by George Oenslager pertaining to the rubber industry and his receipt of the Perkins Medal in 1933.

Ninth Air Force Association, Archives of the

Range: 1932 - 2012 Size: 39.36 Record Group: 99/127

The Archives of the Ninth Air Force Association at the University of Akron Archival Services includes the official records of the Ninth Air Force Association (9AFA) including newsletters, membership lists, reunion programs, and photographs. The collection also contains unit histories and personal papers such as diaries, photographs, and oral histories of individuals who served in the Ninth Air Force. The materials in the collection relate predominantly to World War II.

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Gross, Alan “AirshipAl” Collection

Range: 1922 - 2017 Size: 114 cubic feet Record Group: $content.recordGroup

Alan “AirshipAl” Gross is an airship aficionado and collector of all things airship.  He worked on the ground crew at the Flushing Airport in New York City and helped found two airship companies, Airships International Ltd. and Airship Enterprises Inc.  The collection includes information on various airships important in the history of lighter-than-air flight including the Goodyear, Budweiser, SeaWorld, Shamu, MetLife, Fuji, and Jordache blimps, to name a few.  Materials include press kits, flight manuals, drawings, books, journals, newspaper clippings, photographs and slides, videotapes and films, musical scores, phonograph recordings, inflatables, clothing, and airship toys and collectibles.  View the photographs and slides from the collection here.

Bath Volunteers for Service

Range: 1958 - 2013 Size: 14 Record Group: 99/179

Bath Volunteers for Service was founded in 1958 by the residents of Bath Township, Ohio. The charitable organization works to serve the community through fundraising and financial donation to the local school system, local businesses, and local recreation centers.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Robert L. Holliday Papers

Range: 1942 - 2001 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group: 100/1

Robert L. "Hap" Holliday served in the 391st Bombardment Group during World War II as a B-26 Marauder pilot. The papers include his military service records and correspondence, material form the 391st Bomb Group Association, the B-26 Marauder Historical Society and the B-26 Archives Advisory Council.

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B-26 Marauder Archives

Range: 1930 - 2008 Size: 200 cubic feet Record Group: 100

This collection consists of thousands of photographs, letters, diaries, and records on microfilm documenting the special role played by the B-26 Marauder during World War II.

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