Wright, W. Richard

Range: 1963 - 1966 Size: 4 cubic feet Record Group:

Regarding the Ohio Youth Services Advisory Board (chaired by Wright), includes: governing documents, minutes of board meetings, correspondence, inspection reports and recommendations, news releases, pamphlets, photograph albums, scrapbook, and oral history phonotapes of W. Richard Wright.

University of Akron Postcards

Range: 1905 - circa 2000 Size: 0.3 cubic feet; 1 box Record Group: 50

The University of Akron Postcards contains postcards of campus buildings and grounds.

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University of Akron Photographs

Range: 1854 - 2004 Size: 36 cubic feet (70 boxes) Record Group: 99/49

The University of Akron Photographs contains prints and negatives photographed during 1854-2004 depicting special events, student life, the campus landscape, and individual students and faculty members.

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University of Akron Photographic Slides

Range: 1961 - 1988 Size: 0.5 Record Group: 51

The University of Akron Photographic Slides contains slides depicting campus buildings and events.

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University of Akron General History Records

Range: 1893 - 1990 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 2

The general history records contain correspondence, historical summaries, and reminiscences primarily relating to the early years of Buchtel College.  A majority of the correspondence including in this collection are former students and alumni remembering their time at Buchtel College.  Of special note is a student letter written immediately following the Buchtel Hall fire of 1899.  Other topics include the college’s founders, Lucinda “Aunty” Brown’s boarding house, and student activities during World War I and II.

Tel-Buch Office Records

Range: 1964 - 1997 Size: 22 cubic feet Record Group: 52

The Tel-Buch is the yearbook of The University of Akron. The records mainly consist of photographs that appeared in the yearbook. The photographs document student clubs and organizations, athletics, campus buildings, and special events.

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Range: 1880 - 2008 Size: Record Group: 41/2

The Tel-buch is the annual yearbook of The University of Akron. It was originally titled Argo (1880) and The Buchtel (1882-1908) before becoming The Tel-buch. Yearbooks were not published for 1934, 1943, 1945-1947, 1949-1951.

Suso, Julian., Papers

Range: 1949 - 1972 Size: 8 cubic feet Record Group: $content.recordGroup

Julian Suso was a faculty member at The University of Akron and Director of the Akron Department of Planning and Urban Renewal. His papers include reports, proposals, and correspondence regarding his career and the development of the Akron area.

Nelson, Daniel, Collection

Range: 1900 - 1941 Size: 9 cubic feet Record Group: $content.recordGroup

Dr. Daniel Nelson is Professor Emeritus of History at The University of Akron who specializes in American business and labor history and has published numerous books on these topics. His collection consists of research materials for his book American Rubber Workers & Organized Labor, 1900-1941 including research notes, oral history interviews, meeting minutes, manuscripts, demographic studies, articles, newspaper clippings, chapter critiques, and correspondence. The collection also includes information regarding the United Rubber Workers (URW) and numerous rubber companies.

Knight, Charles M. and Family

Range: 1849 - 1940 Size: 21 cubic feet Record Group:

Personal letters, diaries, journals, business papers, photographs, and artifacts relating to Charles M. Knight, professor of natural sciences at Buchtel College, and family members Joel Knight, Jr., Fanny Maria Duncan Knight, Sophie Knight McCollester, Eva Knight Greenwood, Colonel William Henry (Hal) Greenwood, Susan Helen Knight, Esther Knight Guild, and Mary Knight Dutton. There is also a small amount of publications, flyers, and other documents from sources outside the family.

Hower House, Friends of

Range: 1974 - 2002 Size: 3.3 Record Group: 99/237

Hower House is a High Victorian Mansion.  The house was built in 1871 for John Henry Hower and his wife Susan.  Architect Jacob Snyder designed the distinctive Second Empire Italianate style structure for the Howers; one of Akron’s leading industrialist families.  Three generations of Hower family had lived in the home when Grace Hower Crawford and John B. Hower turned it over to the University of Akron.  This collection includes the Records of the Friends of Hower House, the Hower House Victorians, and the Conservation and Restoration Committee.   In addition it contains photographs of the house from 1974 when the University first acquired it and Slides of displays, various pieces of furniture and other artifacts.

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Guggenheim, Daniel, Airship Institute Records

Range: 1926 - 1952 Size: 13 cubic feet, 15 boxes Record Group: 22/8

The Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute was operated by the Municipal University of Akron from 1929 – 1949.  As part of the College of Engineering, the institute provided students with research opportunities relating to lighter-than-air flight, heavier-than-air flight, and meteorology.  The records consist of correspondence, technical reports, and administrative files.  Guggenhiem Reports on-line

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Gradisher, Thomas D. Journals and Travel Books

Range: 1982 - 2004 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 99/251

Thomas D. “Thom” Gradisher, a graduate of The University of Akron, was a United States diplomat who
worked for the State Department from 1984 until 2004.  He worked in Foreign Service, as Desk Officer in
Washington, D.C., and as a Public Affairs Coordinator.  His memoirs are titled Burning the Ambassador’s

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Endres, Dr. Kathleen L. Collection

Range: 1841 - 2018 Size: 6 Record Group: 99/253

Dr. Kathleen L “Kitty” Endres is a distinguished professor emerita of Communications at The University of Akron. This collection is comprised of files and collected materials assembled and used by Dr. Endres during her career as a professor of Communications and Women’s Studies at The University of Akron.

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Buchtelite Newspaper

Range: 1889 - Present Size: $content.cubicFeet Record Group: 41/2

The Buchtelite is the independent student newspaper of The University of Akron and its predecessors. It was first published in 1899 as a monthly, but was soon published bi-monthly, weekly, and then bi-weekly during the school year. Summer session editions were also published, starting in 1925. The newspaper has gone through various title changes including The BuchteliteAkron Buchtelite, and Buchtelite. The collection includes bound and loose hard copies of the paper as well as microfilmed and digital copies.